Attukal Temple

The Attukal Devi Temple

Attukal temple is the abode of the goddess, who is the supreme preserver and destroyer. She cares her devotees like a mother does her children. For the devotees, Attukal Devi (Attukal Amma or Attukal Bhagavathy) is supreme power, capable of delivering all the wishes of her devotees. Several women devotees testify the supreme power of this shrine, and tell you how Attukal Devi has blessed them with progeny and wishes of bountiful life.

Devotees from all parts of India come and bow before the all powerful goddess, seeking an end to their afflictions and to receive blessings. The temple is just 2 Km from the main city center of Thiruvananthapuram and is located at a rural-looking area, although the surroundings are highly urbanized.

Temple Architecture

The architecture of Attukal temple has elements of both Kerala and Tamil architecture styles. The exteriors of the temple are carved with hundreds of sculptures of gods, goddesses, the stories of Dasavataram of Lord VishnuGoddess Kannagi (Kannaki)Dakshayaga etc. The main building also depicts Goddess Kali, Sree Parvathy, Lord Siva, Rajarajeshwari, and several others. The Gopura (main rise building) is covered by such idols, which surely are a work of a team of artisans under the leadership of an able sculptor.

The temple doors and internal corridors also have several sculptures of Gods like Lord Ganapathi (Ganesh), Lord Siva, etc.

The Principle Deity

Located in the sanctum sanctorum is the main idol of Attukal Devi, which is adored with gold ornaments and gems. The idol is a sight of marvel, with abundance radiance of beauty and light.