Who Is Romi Devi?

How old is Romi Dev?

Romi Bhatia (Kapil Dev’s Wife) Age, Husband, Children, Family, Biography & More

Personal Life
Date of Birth Year 1960
Age ( as in 2020 ) 60 Years
Birthplace Delhi


Who is Kapil Dev’s wife?

Former India captain, Kapil Dev tracks back in time when he proposed to Romi Bhatia for marriage. The Haryana cricketer is often said to have given Indian cricket an identity on the international stage.

Who is Kapil Dev father?

Kapil Dev was born in the year 1959, 6th January in Chandigarh Punjab, which means now Kapil dev age is 61 years old, Kapil Dev Father named Ram Lal Nihkanj was a building a timber contractor and Kapil Dev mother Raj Kumari was a homemaker, Kapil dev has four sisters and two brothers, his sisters were born before the

Is Kapil Dev daughter married?

Amiya was born on 16 January 1996 and by 2020 she is 24 years old. Is Amia Dev married? No, Kapil Dev’s daughter Amia is not married.

Where is Kapil Dev now?

“Currently, he is admitted in ICU and under close supervision of Dr. Atul Mathur and his team. Mr. Kapil Dev is stable now and he is expected to get discharged in couple of days,” it added.

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How fast did Kapil Dev bowl?

I always liked to prove certain negative people wrong and that’s how the fast bowling started,” Kapil told former India opener and current women’s team coach WV Raman in a YouTube interview. Kapil Dev scored 5248 runs and picked up 434 wickets in 131 Tests for India.

What is Kapil Dev doing now?

The former India allrounder had complained of chest pain on Thursday following which he was taken to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute’s emergency department. As per a statement released by the hospital, Kapil Dev is now doing fine and can resume regular daily activity soon. “Mr. Kapil Dev got discharged today afternoon.

Is Kapil Dev a vegetarian?

Kapil Dev passionately loves food, but is careful about what he eats now that he has crossed 40! He tends to put on weight, and this affects his game of golf. He can eat anything, but avoids Indian food outside home, and likes Thai cuisine best.

Is Kapil Dev a bowler or batsman?

Kapil Dev, in full Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj, (born January 6, 1959, Chandigarh, India), Indian cricketer and the greatest pace bowler in his country’s history. He is the only cricketer to have scored over 5,000 runs and taken more than 400 wickets in Test (international match) cricket.

What is Kapil Dev worth?

And one such legendary cricketer is Mr. Kapil Dev. He is remembered for his outstanding performance as a cricketer and is also known as “The Haryana Hurricane” by his fans. Kapil Dev Net Worth.

Name Kapil Dev
Full Name Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj
Net Worth (2021) $ 30 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 220 Crore INR
Profession Cricketer
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