Who Is Krishna Das Singing About In Ya Devi?

Who is the guru of Krishna Das?

In August 1970 Krishna Das traveled to India, where, as Ram Dass had done, he became a devotee of the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji). He was referred to as the “Rockstar of Yoga” by the Grammys when he was nominated for a 2013 Grammy Award.

Is Krishna related to Ram Dass?

With him in the van was a friend named Krishna Das, a soulful-looking young man who was also a devotee of Ram Dass ‘ guru. One of the admonitions Ram Dass ‘ guru had left him with before he died two years ago was never to stay in the same place more than five days.

Is Krishna Das divorced?

One yoga magazine described him as the Pavarotti of kirtan. “I think Springsteen heals a lot of hearts, I think he lifts people’s spirits the way many other artists do,” said Krishna Das, now a divorced, 65-year-old grandfather living in Nyack, N.Y.

How did Krishna Das get his name?

Maharaj-ji gave him his Indian name, Krishna Das, meaning “one who serves [the Hindu god] Krishna,” and introduced him to kirtan, the Indian devotional practice of chanting the names of God.

What harmonium does Krishna Das use?

Tirupati Kirtan Mini Perfect for travelling yogis and kirtan fans. It is a smaller and somewhat simpler variant of the classic model Kirtan Classic – thanks to Krishna Das or Jai Uttal probably the best-known harmonium model in the Western kirtan community.

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What language does Krishna Das sing?

(It is an elusive goal, this letting go of expectations.) Krishna Das is a singer of kirtan, a call-and-response chanting of, normally, names for God in Sanskrit.

Does Krishna speak Hindi?

Krishna Das: No, he spoke Hindi, but there was always somebody who spoke English and he didn`t need to be translated.

What does das mean in Ram Dass?

It was Maharaj-ji who gave Alpert the name ” Ram Dass “, which means “servant of God”, referring to the incarnation of God as Ram or Lord Rama.

Is Krishna Das vegan?

Releasing 14 albums over the past 15 years, Krishna Das has won worldwide recognition for performing kirtan, a call-and-response chant described as meditation with music. The U.S.-born musician became vegetarian in 1967, before his initial sojourn to India over 40 years ago, when he was introduced to kirtan.

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