Who Is Indrani Devi?

Who was Indrani in Hindu mythology?

Indrani, as the name suggests, is the consort and queen of Indra, the Lord of the Devas and the God of thunder and lightning. She is a divinity referred to in the holy Vedas. Rig Veda, the ancient text speaks highly about her great beauty. Indrani is also known by many other names, Shachi being the most famous of them.

Who is indras wife?

Consort Shachi
Children Jayanta, Rishabha, Midhusha, Jayanti, Devasena, Vali and Arjuna
Greek equivalent Zeus


Why Indra is not Worshipped?

Originally Answered: Why is Indra not worshipped? Because the Puranas and Epics have made you to believe that Indra is a “god” and is worse than a typical human, and drinks, gambles, womanizes and what not! But, the ideal concept of God that seats all other concepts of God in itself is Vedic Indra, esp. of Rigveda.

Was Draupadi an Indrani?

Was Draupadi an incarnation of Goddess Shachi? As per the Mahabharat, Yes, Draupadi was the incarnation of Shachi, the wife of Indra Dev and she was destined to be the wife of all 5 Pandavas on the earth as per the boon of Lord Shiva in her previous birth.

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Is Zeus and Indra same?

Zeus and Indra The most important similarity that comes to anyone’s mind is the uncanny similarity between Zeus and Indra. Not only both of them are King of Gods in their respective mythologies, but even their weapon is almost same. While Zeus stays at Mount Olympus, Indra stays at Mount Meru.

Who is the king of God?

Though Indra still retains the title of the King of the Gods and the Ruler of Heaven. In the Ancient Greek system of Olympian Gods, Cronus displaces Uranus, and Zeus in turn displaces Cronus.

Is Naruto related to Hinduism?

Naruto has been a cluster of various mythological references from every different regions of the world. Here are few of the Hindu references observed in the series: Incarnations: Madara and sasuke are incarnations of Indra and Hashirama and Naruto are of Ashura.

Who cursed Lord Indra?

According to the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Gautama curses Indra to bear a thousand vulvae, which will turn to eyes when he worships the sun-god Surya.

Is Indra good or bad?

Indra is neither good nor bad. His partner, Rudra, was playing in the ancient Vedic time an important societal role.

How did Indra become king of gods?

Gautam cursed Indra to have female marks on all his body which later became eyes. Hence, Indra came to be known as ‘the thousand-eyed one’. No God could kill him but Indra did with his lightning bolt. Indra is also described as the ruler of Swarga (Heaven) where the gods live.

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Did Drupad curse Draupadi?

Being childless, he started a Yajna and from that arose Dhrishtadyumna who was prophesied to kill Drona and then a dark girl who was prophesied to bring about the destruction of the Kuru race. This brought joy to Drupada and he had never uttered a harsh word or ever cursed Draupadi.

Who gave curse to Draupadi?

Hidimba also cursed Draupadi that, her sons will also be decapitated at a young age. Thus the two quarreling ended Pandava’s lineage over trivial issues.

Who was Draupadi in next birth?

Bhima as King Veeran of the Vanaras kingdom. Nakula as the son of King Ratnabhanu of Kanyakubja. Sahadeva as Dev Singh, son of a king named Bhim Singh. Dhritarashtra was born as Prithviraj in Ajmer and Draupadi was born as his daughter named Vela.

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