What Was The Relationship Between Koly And Mrs Devi?

Why does KOLY not agree to marry Raji?

Koly likes Raji, but she’s not so sure she wants to give up her independent life in the city. She loves embroidering and making some money to support herself.

Who brought KOLY to Mr Das?

Devi introduces Koly to Mr. Das. He figures there’s no time like the present, so he takes Koly for the day to see what she can do with thread.

What happened in Chapter 7 in Homeless Bird?

Mehta’s paycheck, Mrs. Mehta starts selling everything to feed them. When she goes to sell her husband’s precious book of poems, though, Koly begs her not to—it was his favorite, after all. Koly makes a bargain with her mother-in-law: She’ll get her silver earrings and Koly will keep the book for herself.

Why can’t KOLY go back home with her parents?

She can’t go back to her family because they can’t afford to take care of her and no one in her village will marry a widow, so she’s stuck with the Mahtas while Mrs. Mahta’s resentment toward Koly grows.

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Why does KOLY believe she is an unworthy bride?

What reasons does Koly give for being an unworthy bride? She’s a widow, and he owns land. So it will be easy for him to marry a girl with a dowry.

Why does KOLY feel like a snake?

Why does Koly feel like a snake? She feels like a snake because she is sleeping on the ground. She feels like a snake because she is shedding her old clothes and her old life for new clothes and a new life.

Who is Mr Das in Homeless Bird?

Homeless Bird Characters

Mr. Das Owns the sari shop where Koly works
Mrs. Devi sponsers the widow’s house, pays for it
Binu played the sitar in Mala’s room, saved Koly’s life
Kajal an artist, gave Joly bhang instead of lassi, friends with Mala,


Who is sass in Homeless Bird?

Hari’s mom, a.k.a. Koly’s mother-in-law, goes by Sass most of the time. And while sass is technically the Hindi word for mother-in law, it also describes Mama Mehta’s personality really well. She earns her name in spades.

Who is Baap in Homeless Bird?




Why is Mr Govind upset when jasmine flowers are delivered Homeless Bird?

Why is Mr. Govind upset when jasmine flowers are delivered? They are not the traditional flowers for a wedding. They are very expensive flowers.

Where does KOLY live in homeless bird?

Koly is a 13 year-old girl who lives in Vrindavan India with her parents and two brothers. Based on Indian tradition, her family has made an arranged marriage for her. Her husband is a sickly, young boy named Hari.

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Who teaches KOLY to read?

Mehta is teaching Koly how to read, and Chandra and Coke are still spending time together. Eventually, Chandra’s husband gets mad and she leaves home. That’s when Koly realizes she has to earn her persuading, not ticking off Mehtas – otherwise they might get rid of her. One day, Mr.

What does KOLY look like in Homeless Bird?

Despite that, Koly is a dreamer. She longs to be independent and free of the various forms of oppression that have been placed upon her. One form of oppression that Koly has to deal with is her marriage to Hari. He’s bedridden and extremely ill, yet despite his physical frailty, he bosses Koly around like a slave.

What does KOLY do during her first morning?

By Gloria Whelan. Koly likes her new place and friend Tanu. Each morning, Maa Kamala wakes the women up and hurries them off to work.

What does KOLY pray to Krishna for?

After a while, Koly begins to pray for Krishna to let her escape from the Mehtas. Sure, Chandra is nice to her and she gets help from Mr. Mehta every now and again, but Mrs.

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