Readers ask: Why Do You Think Sarah Good And Tituba Say That They Are Waiting For The Devi?

Who do Tituba and Sarah Good say they are waiting for and where are they going to choose all that apply?

Summary and Analysis Act IV: Scene 1 Marshall Herrick wakes up Sarah Good and Tituba to move them to a different cell. Sarah and Tituba tell Herrick that they are waiting for the Devil. They plan to fly to Barbados with the Devil.

What is the purpose of Tituba and Sarah good conversation?

Hover for more information. I think Miller includes this odd conversation among Sarah Good, Tituba, and Herrick in order to further point out the hypocrisy in Salem. Sarah and Tituba say that the Devil is coming for them, that they are going to fly south with him.

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What are Tituba and Sarah good planning?

What are Sarah Good and Tituba planning to do? They are planning to fly to Barbados when the Devil gives them feathers and wings.

Where does Tituba tell Herrick and Sarah good she is going who is taking her?

Herrick comes in, drunk, and nudges Sarah Good to wake her up. Tituba also wakes up. Herrick tells the two of them to get out of there. He asks where they’re going and Tituba says they’re going to Barbados.

Why does Elizabeth beg John to confess?

Why doesn’t Elizabeth beg John to confess? She wants him to make his own decision.

What has happened to Abigail in Act 4?

In Act 4 it’s revealed that Abigail has run away and stolen money from her uncle (and so her reputation takes a hit in her absence), but since she is no longer in Salem, it doesn’t really matter for her. In Act 2, Abigail still seems to want to be with John Proctor, since she’s accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft.

Why does Elizabeth refuse to plead with John?

Elizabeth does not beg John to confess because of what she refers to as “his goodness”. She sees that he refuses to be a hypocrite and a liar. He has denounced the witch trials as a farce and for him to now sign his name to a false declaration of guilt would be hypocritical.

How has she changed toward her husband why doesn’t she take Hale’s advice?

Why doesn’t she take Hale’s advice? Danforth allows Elizabeth to speak to John because he hopes she will get him to confess. She has changed towards him. She does not take Hale’s advice because she wants John to do what he thinks is right.

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What happens in Act 4 The Crucible?

This act takes place in a jail cell in Salem. Marshal Herrick wakes up the occupants, Sarah Good and Tituba, to move them to a different cell. The two women speak of their plans to fly away to Barbados after the Devil comes for them and transforms them into bluebirds.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says I have sins of my own to count?

” I have sins of my own to count. Elizabeth says the sin is on her soul, not John’s. She finds consultation within herself.

Where does the action of Act 111 take place?

Where does the action of Act III take place? The courtroom in Salem.

What argument does Hale use to convince Elizabeth that she should urge her husband to confess to witchcraft?

What argument does hale use to convince elizabeth that she should urge her husband to confess to witchcraft? he says to not let him die for “********s a liar less than he that throws his life away for pride.”

How does Abigail show her dishonesty in Act 4?

In Act IV of The Crucible Reverend Parris has discovered that Abigail has broken into his safe, stolen money, and fled town. Parris understands that this reveals her true character, and that she is only thinking of her own survival.

Why is the jail so smelly The Crucible?

It is most likely the smell coming from other people who are in the jail, the body odors, the alcohol smell coming from the flask they are drinking from, the smell of their waste after using the bathroom, etc.

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What is Tituba’s view of the devil?

Tituba says the devil is a “pleasureman” in Barbados, a joyful figure. You just studied 12 terms!

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