Readers ask: Who Is The Husband Of Rani Rudrama Devi?

Who is Rudrama Devi husband?

Rudrama – devi was married to Chalukya prince Virabhadra, a member of the Vengi Chalukyas, after Ganapatideva’s conquest of Vengi in 1240 CE.

Who killed Rani Rudrama Devi?

Recently restored inscription on the death of Rani Rudrama in Chandupatla Village చందుపట్లలో రాణిరుద్రమ తుదిశ్వాస, it is believed that Queen Kakatiya Rudrama Devi died (1289 AD, 27 November) here when she was seriously injured in a war with Ambadeva, a rebel Kayastha chief.

Who is Rudradeva?

The Kakatiya dynasty was the famous dynasty of Telugu region or Andhra region. Earlier, the rulers like Betaraja I, Prolaraja I, Betaraja II and Durgaraja were the feudatories of the Western Chalukyas of Kalyana. It was Prola II, who established Kakatiya Dynasty as a sovereign dynasty.

Is Rudramadevi married to a girl?

Rudrama Devi married Virabhadra, a member of a minor branch of the Chalukya dynasty, probably in 1240. This was almost certainly a political marriage designed by her father to forge alliances. Virabhadra is virtually undocumented and played no part in her administration. The couple had two daughters (both are adopted).

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Who is Mukthamba?

Telugu Actress Nithya Menon as Mukthamba in Rudramadevi Movie Posters.

Is Gona Ganna Reddy real?

Gona Ganna Reddy (1262-1296 CE), son of Gona Budda Reddy who contributed to the Ranganatha Ramayanam as Dwipada Kavyam in the Telugu Language and a soldier to one of the few ruling queens Rani Rudrama Devi in Indian history. He ruled Vardhamaanapuram now called as Nandi Vaddeman in Nagarkurnool district.

Is Rudramadevi hit or flop?

However, after its total run, Rudramadevi is estimated to have collected over Rs 86 Cr (Gross) and Rs 50 Cr (share) worldwide. On a whole Rudramadevi content is a Hit but sadly, it is considered a commercially Flop!

Who ruled the Kakatiya kingdom for highest period?

Their capital was Orugallu, now known as Warangal. Early Kakatiya rulers served as feudatories to Rashtrakutas and Western Chalukyas for more than two centuries. They assumed sovereignty under Prataparudra I in 1163 CE by suppressing other Chalukya subordinates in the Telangana region.

Is Jhansi Rani and Rudrama Devi same?

‘ Rudramadevi ‘, the upcoming period film starring Anushka Shetty playing the title role is garnering a huge positive buzz in the film circles for the envious star cast and the magnanimity of the project. Srikanth’s son Roshan is playing young Bhallala Deva (Rana) in the film.

What is the important port of Kakatiyas?

Motupalli was the famous trading sea port of the Kakatiyas. Marco Polo- the famous Venetian traveler visited Kakatiya kingdom through this port and wrote about the prosperity and power in Andhra desha in his travelogue.

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Why did Rudramadevi changed her name on her inscriptions and pretend herself as a man?

In contrast to queen Rudramadevi, she thought that the society around her would be satisfied only when a male rules the kingdom. So, she disguised herself a male ruler or a king.

Why did Rudramadevi call herself Rudradeva?

In fact in her inscriptions Rudramadevi calls herself as Rudradeva Maharaja. Like Raziya Sultana she too faced the opposition of many important chiefs who had been under her father, but Rudramadevi succeeded in subduing them.

Who founded Orugallu?


Warangal Orugallu, Ekashila Nagaram
Founded 1163
Founded by Kakatiya dynasty
• Type Municipal Corporation


How did Kakatiyas rule came to an end?

The Kakatiya rule finally came to an end in 1323 A.D. when Warangal was conquered by the Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, the then Sultan of Delhi.

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