Readers ask: Who Is Devi Chitralekha?

Who is Devi chitralekha husband?

Devi Chitralekha Age, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Marriage Place Gau Seva Dham Hospital in Palwal, Haryana
Husband / Spouse Madhav Prabhu Ji (Madhav Tiwari)
Parents Father- Tukaram Sharma Mother- Chameli Devi


What is chitralekha?

Chitralekha was a talented lady who helped Usha to identify the young man seen in the dream of Usha. Usha was daughter of Banasura, a thousand-armed asura and son of Bali. One day, Usha saw a young man in her dream and fell in love with him. He was Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna.

Is Chitra Lekha married?

On 23 May 2017, she got married to Madhav Prabhu Ji (Madhav Tiwari) at Gau Seva Dham Hospital in Palwal, Haryana. Madhav Prabhu hails from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, and later, they got settled in Palwal, Haryana.

Who killed banasura?

Devi Parvati took avatar of Kumari ( story of KanyaKumari) to kill Banasur.. Krishna just cut away his 998 arms given by Mahadev as a boon.

Where did Banasur ruled?

Bana is described as an ancient king of Sonitpur (present-day Tezpur, Assam) in several Hindu Puranic scriptures. Bana was a thousand-armed Asura king, and the son of Mahabali.

Banasur battles with Krishna
In-universe information
Family Bali (father)
Children Usha

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