Readers ask: What Page Number In The Holt Douglas English Book Does The Devi And Tom Waker Start On?

How does the Devil and Tom Walker begin?

“The Devil and Tom Walker ” begins by establishing the setting, an area outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and then provides a description of where the pirate Captain Kidd hid his buried treasure. The narrator introduces Tom Walker, a miserly man living on a meager piece of land in the year 1727.

Where does Tom meet the devil for the first time?

Once day, Tom meets the devil in a swamp. The devil says he will show Tom where some gold is hidden. In return, Tom has to give his soul to the devil.

What is the setting of the Devil and Tom Walker?

The Physical setting of the story is in a forest in Boston, Massachusetts (Remote Setting ). The story “The Devil and Tom Walker ” is an example of romanticism because it has a remote setting, an improbable plot, and morally the society is sinful and harmful.

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Why does Tom refuse the Devil’s offer at first?

The Devil first asks Tom to be a slave-trader; he refuses because he is not that immoral. Tom agrees to open a broker shop and become a usurer for the Devil’s money. He builds a quick reputation as a loan shark. As Tom got older, he began to regret his deal with the Devil.

Why does Tom not fear the devil?

Tom is stubborn, not easily intimidated, and has a bossy wife, so he does not fear the Devil. Most people would be nervous walking through woods that people say are haunted.

Who is the black man in the Devil and Tom Walker?

In the ” Devil and Tom Walker,” the black man is the devil. He is described as black because he is covered in soot and has black hair that sticks out in all directions.

What do the devil’s trees in the swamp represent?

Describe the devil’s trees. The trees of the wooded and swamp area symbolized the land owners, slave drivers, and colonists that have taken the land from the Native Americans. They were all sinners that had made deals with the devil for their own greed and material desires.

Why does Tom’s wife go into the forest?

After hearing Tom’s report of the deal he had been offered by the devil, whereby he could basically “sell his soul” in return for great wealth (the gold buried by Kidd the pirate), Tom’s wife goes into the forest to make her own deal since Tom refuses to do so.

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What does Tom agree for the Devil?

What agreement does Tom Walker ultimately make with the devil? Tom agrees to sell his soul to the Devil in exchange for the pirate’s treasure, which he will use in his role as a money lender in the Devil’s service. Tom now regrets his bargain and hopes that religious zeal will protect him from the Devil.

Did Tom Walker deserve his fate?

What do you learn about Tom, based on his reaction to the loss of his wife? He ultimately sells his soul. I think he deserved this fate because he didn’t have to sell his soul to the devil. He could have easily said no but he let his greed control his life and made his own decision.

How does Tom meet the devil?

Tom Walker initially encounters the devil as he sits on the trunk of a hemlock near what was once an Indian fort. Later in the story, Tom meets up with “Old Scratch” when he returns to the forest to learn what has happened to his wife. The Devil is “sauntering along the swamp,” close to the first location.

What is the summary of Rip Van Winkle?

Rip Van Winkle is an amiable farmer who wanders into the Catskill Mountains, where he comes upon a group of dwarfs playing ninepins. Rip accepts their offer of a drink of liquor and promptly falls asleep. When he awakens, 20 years later, he is an old man with a long white beard; the dwarfs are nowhere in sight.

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What is Mrs Walker’s reaction to the Devil’s offer?

Mrs. Walker’s reaction to the devil’s offer is that Tom should do it.

What does Tom symbolize in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Tom’s house represents the ostentatious side of greed as Tom shows himself to be wealthy, while the lack of furnishings shows the more practical side of greed that withholds unnecessary expenditure. When Tom grows rich as a usurer, he builds himself a house that reflects his greedy and miserly character.

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