Readers ask: What Is Draupadi About By Mahasweta Devi?

Who is Draupadi in Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi?

Draupadi is the name of the central character. She is introduced to the reader between two uniforms and between two versions of her name: Dopdi and Draupadi. It is either that as a tribal she cannot pronounce her own Sanskrit name ( Draupadi ), or the tribalized form, Dopdi, is the prop- er name of the ancient Draupadi.

What is the theme of Draupadi by Mahasweta Devi?

Subaltern Feminism She always focuses on the problems and challenges of subaltern women. In the story of Draupadi, Devi has illustrated the tragic story of a subaltern woman who faces derogatory treatment from the police in the name of interrogation only because she was a female rioter.

What is the setting of Draupadi?

Set against the politically-charged climate of West Bengal in 1971, ‘ Draupadi ‘ focusses on a young Santhal woman, Dopdi Mehjen, a feared Naxalite, who, along with her husband, Dulna Majhi, and their comrades, is responsible for the death of Surja Sahu, the landlord in Bakuli.

Who is the heroine of the story Draupadi by Mahasweta Devi?

the heroine Draupadi or Dopdi Mejhen bears a semblance to her mythical counterpart in more than the name that she shares with her. Both become territories the enemy has conquered, the prize he has won and the female body that he has to dishonour.

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How old is Dopdi?

Draupadi’s age was 25 years when she emerged from the holly fire. Draupadi born from fire after when his father King Drupada and whole army of North Panchala Kingdom defeated by Arjuna alone.

How old was Draupadi?

The 18-day war of Mahabharata made Draupadi age as 80 years, know why? – News Crab | DailyHunt.

What was the exact time at which Draupadi was apprehended?

Draupadi Mejhen was apprehended at 6.53 pm. it took an hour to get her to camp. Questioning took another hour exactly.

Who is Draupadi?

Draupadi (Sanskrit: द्रौपदी, romanized: draupadī, lit. ‘Daughter of Drupada’), also referred to as Krishnaa, Panchali and Yajnaseni, is the heroine of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata. According to the epic, she was the common wife of the five Pandava brothers—Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva.

Can the Subaltern Speak full text?

So much for the intermediate group marked in item 3. For the ‘true’ subaltern group, whose identity is its difference, there is no unrepresentable subaltern subject that can know and speak itself; the intellectual’s solution is not to abstain from representation.

Is Draupadi a tale of exploitation?

The ‘cheelharan’ of Draupadi is reconstructed in Devi’s story, subverting the narrative where Draupadi is rescued by a man, Lord Krishna. The Hindu mythology of the subaltern female body which is never questioned and only ever exploited is rejected by Devi.

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