Readers ask: Shasta Koil Which Side Is Poorna Devi And Which Side Is Pushkala Devi?

Who are Poorna and Pushkala?

According to one legend, lord Hariharaputra before his avatar as Ayyappa, got wedded to Pushkala Devi first and then won the hands of Poorna subsequently. Father of Pushkala, a Nepalese king, cursed the lord “even after marrying my good-natured daughter, you conducted yourself as a human being.

What is the difference between Ayyappa and sastha?

It doesn’t mean there is another god called Thever. Same way, Ayyappa is an honorific way of addressing Dharmasastha. Dharmasastha or popularly known as Sastha is a Hindu god, specifically worshipped in South India. It’s actually an adapted or absorbed deity much like many deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Who is sastha God?

Shasta is a generic Sanskrit term for a ruler. The one who rules/preaches. The word Shasta was first used in the sense of a Hindu deity in South India during the 3rd century. He is identified with many deities like Aiyanar, Ayyappa and Revantha as he is also called as Brahma Shastha, preacher of Pranav am.

What is sastha Preethi?

Nowadays Sastha Preethi is celebrated all over India in various names such as Ayyappan Villakku, Ayyappan Pattu, Sastha Pattu etc. It is believed that Nurani, the famous agraharam in Palakkad Town in Kerala is the origin of Sastha cult. All over Kerala for Sasthapreethi festivals “Nurani Chellapillai song” is common.

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Who is the son of Vishnu and Shiva?

Childhood of Lord Ayyappa Lord Ayyappa is a very popular Hindu deity, which is mainly worshipped in South India. Ayyappa is also called as ‘ Hariharan Puthiran’ which means the son of both Hari or Vishnu and ‘ Haran’ or Shiva.

Why is Sabarimala called so?

According to a legend, the name Sabarimala is derived from Shabari, a tribal devotee of Lord Rama mentioned in the Ramayana. Sabarimala literally means the hill of Sabari. Lord Rama noticed a divine person doing penance and asked Shabari who it was. Shabari said it was Sastha (Lord Ayyappa).

Who did Ayyappa kill?

Maalikapurathamma is the sister of Mahishasura, who was the daughter of the sage Galvan. A student of Galvan’s cursed Mahishi, turning her into a buffalo-headed demon. The demon was killed by Ayyappa, ending the curse and changing her into a beautiful woman. She wanted to marry Ayyappa, but Ayyappa was a Brahmachari.

Why does ayyappa sit like that?

Ayyappa’s sitting posture is called Yoga asana, which is different from the posture of other idols. Yogasana is meditating post. The lap is not kept free, like other Gods which has the worldly meaning of providing space to the concert. Ayyappa’s posture is more like balancing on foot rather than on sitting on the hip.

Is ayyappa real God?

Ayyappan (Sastha or Dharmasastha or Manikandan) is a Hindu deity, particularly popular in the South Indian state of Kerala. Ayyapa is considered to be the union of Mohini (Vishnu) and Shiva. Although the worship of Ayyappa was more widespread earlier, his worship is now mainly confined to South India.

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