Readers ask: How To Reach Mumbra Devi Temple?

How can I go to mumbra Devi by train?

Line 70 bus, line 11024 train, train • 2h 8m

  1. Take the line 70 bus from Mumbra Station to Chendani Koliwada 70 /
  2. Take the line 11024 train from Thane to Dadar.
  3. Take the train from Dadar to Marine Lines.

How do I get to Mumba Devi?

One can reach Mumba Devi Temple easily by boarding local trains from the city. The Charni Road Station is only 10 minutes from Bhuleshwar. Churchgate Station is also located close to Bhuleshwar. Mumba Devi Temple is one of the most ancient temples situated in Mumbai and was built in the 18th century.

How many steps are there in Mumbra Devi?

of steps but it should be around 300 plus. Though there are steps the climb is difficult and will put pressure on your knee’s and calves. The climb is very similar to Gilbert Hill. Though Mumbra Devi temple is on a higher altitude in comparison to Gilbert hill.

How old is Mumba Devi Temple?

The Mumbadevi temple is six centuries old. The first Mumbadevi temple was situated at Bori Bunder, and is believed to have been destroyed between 1739 and 1770. After the destruction a new temple was erected at the same place at Bhuleshwar.

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Which station is near Mumbadevi?

Major Railway Stations near NEAR MUMBADEVI MANDIR ZAVERI BAZAR MUMBAI Maharashtra Mumbai

Station Train Frequency Distance
(CSTM)MUMBAI CST 536 1.53 Kms
(DR)DADAR 562 7.85 Kms

Who built Mumbadevi temple?

Brahma then “pulled out of his own body”, an eight armed goddess who vanquished the Mumbaraka. Brought to his knees, Mumbaraka implored the goddess to take his name and built a temple in her honour.

What is the meaning of mumbra?

Mumbra was a flourishing shipbuilding center in early times. It was named after Mumbra Devi, the prime deity of Agri and Koli tribes.

Which station comes after mumbra?

Mumbra railway station

Preceding station MSR Following station
Kalwa toward Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Central Line Main Line Diva toward Kalyan

Which city takes its name from a local goddess Mumba?

The temple is famous one and the city has got the name from Goddess Mumba devi. The area where the temple is situated is a local area with Pedestrian entry. This deity is the reason why the city got her name Mumbai.

What part of India is Mumbai in?

The Deccan region of India, the capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai lies on the western coast of India by the bank of Arabian Sea. Mumbai is made from the group of seven islands and is thus referred to as the Island city. Mumbai Location.

Location: On the Western Coasts of Maharashtra; 18.96oN, 72.82oE
Area: 603 sq. km

Is it called Mumbai or Bombay?

Bombay was officially renamed by legislation in 1995, and under the Shiv Sena Government in Maharashtra, the city became Mumbai. The city’s name is derived from Mumbadevi, the name of the patron goddess of the Koli fisherfolk who migrated to the islands from present-day Gujarat.

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Why Mumbai is developed?

During the mid-18th century, the city emerged as an important trading town, with maritime trade contacts with Mecca and Basra. Economic and educational development characterised the city during the 19th century with the first-ever Indian railway line beginning operations between Mumbai and neighbouring Thane in 1853.

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