Readers ask: How To Make Lakshmi Devi Face On Coconut?

How do I use coconut in Kalasam?

The coronet of 5, 7, or 11 mango leaves is placed such that the tips of the leaves touch water in the Kalasha. The coconut is sometimes wrapped with a red cloth and red thread; the top of the coconut (called Shira – literally “head”) is kept uncovered. A sacred thread is tied around the metal pot.

How do you draw a goddess step by step?

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Lakshmi Mata

  1. Draw an oval & a circle. Draw outlines for arms, hands, legs, feet & base.
  2. Draw outlines for eye brows, eyes & nose. Draw outlines for lower face & neck.
  3. Draw outline for crown. Draw outline for upper body.
  4. Enhance the crown. Draw ears & spot on forehead.

What should I do with Kalasam coconut after Pooja?

In many Pujas, we put water in the Kalash and place coconut and mango leaves and place it at the entrance to the Pooja venue. In special pujas like Varalakshmi puja, we place rice and turmeric within the Kalash and place a coconut atop.

Why do we break coconut for God?

This is exactly why a person is made to break a coconut. This ensures that he or she surrenders his ego to the deities before they begin the prayer. The coconut is considered to be the most satvik fruit and the most purest form of fruit one can offer to God. It is described as God’s fruit and is symbolized as God.

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When should I remove Kalasam?

By evening, we remove the kalasam and remove all the decorations and coconut from the kalasam. The rice is used to make pongla the next day and the coconut is used to make coconut burfi.

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