Readers ask: How To Add A Menu Using Devi Builder?

How do I add icons to Divi builder?

Go to the Divi Booster settings page, then under “Site-wide Settings > Icons > Add custom icons for use in modules” you’ll see the option to upload a blurb icon. Click on “Choose Image” then select the icon you want from the media library (or upload a new one) and then click “Use Image”.

How do you make a full width menu?

To change the width of your menu you can add the following CSS to your menu theme by going to Mega Menu > Menu Themes > Custom CSS. Make sure you use “max- width ” and not “ width ” to ensure the menu remains responsive. You will only be able to use the CSS above to make the menu narrower than the theme dictates.

How do I create a drop down menu in Divi?

Its easy to make a multi-level drop down menu in Divi. First, go to Appearance > Menus in your WordPress dashboard and select the menu items you want to add to the menu. To make a menu item a child of another menu item, simply drag it slightly to the right under the parent menu item. You will find that it stays there.

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How do I add an icon to Divi text?

In the Start Page, first, create a project by typing the name and clicking create. Click the blue Copy Kit code button so you can paste it into Divi. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Divi and Theme Options and select the Integration tab. Make sure the header code is enabled and paste the code.

How do I add social icons to Divi theme?

How to Easily Enable Extra Social Media Icons in Divi’s Footer. In your WordPress dashboard menu, navigate to Divi – Theme Options and click on the General tab. Scroll down to see the network toggles. Also, just under those toggles, be sure to enter the URLs for each Divi social icon you enable.

How do I use Divi codes?

Uploading the Elegant Icon Font into the Divi Builder

  1. Navigate into any module’s Header or Text section under the Design tab.
  2. Click on the Text Font (or Header Font) dropdown.
  3. Press the Upload button to bring up the uploader modal.
  4. Select any of the font files from the ZIP archive you downloaded.

How do I create a mega menu in WordPress without Plugin?

Step 1. Set up page structure in WordPress admin.

  1. Go to Admin -> Appearance -> Menus.
  2. Select the menu you want to add a mega menu to.
  3. Insert all the first and second level sub-pages.
  4. Then drag them under the top-level menu item that will have the mega menu, and indent:
  5. Save the menu.

How do I add menu items to mega menu?

Select a top level menu item and click on the button in the bottom left corner called “ Mega Menu ”. Once you click on the “ Mega menu ” button, the editor will display on the right side and you will be able to add, rearrange and resize widgets as you like.

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What is a secondary menu Divi?

This is where you can share your phone, email and social links (add the actual links to social in the Divi Theme Options menu from the Dashboard). Secondary Menu Bar. This is where you’ll customize the appearance of the bar above your main menu.

How do I customize my Divi menu bar?

To do that, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Divi > Theme Options.

  1. Disable Fixed Navigation Bar. Open the general tab and disable the Fixed Navigation Bar option.
  2. Go to Menus.
  3. Add New Primary Menu.
  4. Add Pages & Save Menu.
  5. Go to Theme Customizer.
  6. Primary Menu Bar Settings.
  7. One Page.
  8. Entire Website.

How do I make a secondary menu in WordPress?

Step 1 — Create the Secondary Menu First, you need to create a new menu. Go to Appearance → Customize → Menus → and click on Create a new menu. Enter the menu name, let’s call it Secondary Menu. You can assign this menu to the Secondary Menu display location.

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