Quick Answer: What Ports And Services Are Enabled On The Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Devi?

What ports and services are enabled on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance device?

On page 6, what ports and services are enabled on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance device? 443/tcp open ssi/http Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance http Config 3.

What are some of the features of a Cisco ASA adaptive security appliance firewall?

Some of the features of ASA are:

  • Packet filtering –
  • Stateful filtering –
  • Routing support –
  • Transparent firewall –
  • AAA support –
  • VPN support –
  • Supports IPv6 –
  • VPN load Balancing –

What OS does Cisco ASA use?

The ASA software is based on Linux. It runs a single Executable and Linkable Format program called lina.

What is SSP operating system?

System Support Program ( SSP ) was an operating system for the IBM System /34 and System /36 minicomputers. SSP was a command-based operating system released in 1977.

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What is the most trustworthy security level that can be configured on an ASA device interface?

2 The higher the security level on an ASA device interface, the more trusted the interface. The security level numbers range from 0 to 100, where 100 is the most trustworthy.

Which command assigns the security level 100 to an interface?

When this interface is named with the nameif command, the ASA automatically assigns it security level 100, the highest level of trust.

What is the difference between Cisco ASA and firepower?

While the ASA provides proven reliability and uptime, the Cisco NGFW builds on the ASA heritage and provides reliability and uptime even when using advanced security features like NGIPS. In fact, throughput on the Cisco Firepower 2100 does not degrade when NGIPS functionality is turned on.

Is Cisco ASA a next-generation firewall?

All Cisco ASA 5500-X Series Next – Generation Firewalls are powered by Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance ( ASA ) Software, with enterprise-class stateful inspection and next – generation firewall capabilities.

Is a Cisco ASA a router?

Bottom line: The ASA is a solid firewall but it’s not a router. If you need a router and routing protocols, use a Cisco 1941 (new), Cisco 1841 (used gear). The Cisco 1941s are very comparable to the ASA5510 in terms of throughput.

What is the maximum ACL limit on ASA?

Each ACE uses at least 212 bytes of RAM. Once you reach or get close to the maximum number of ACEs, the performance of the ASA decreases by 10-15%. Use this table below to stay within the maximum number of allowed Access List Entries. Cisco ASA Max ACL Limit.

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Model Max Recommended ACEs Tested ACEs
ASA SM 2 mil 2 mil


What is the difference in ACL on ASA than on router?

2) What is the difference between ACL in Router and Firewall ASA? The biggest difference is that routers use wildcard masks, while ASAs use normal masks.

Is Cisco ASA still supported?

There is currently no replacement product available for this product. Customers are encouraged to migrate to the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance ( ASA ) Software Release 9.4. Customers on the Cisco ASA 5505 appliance should migrate to Cisco ASA Software Release 9.1.

What is an ASA box?

The ASA in Cisco ASA stands for Adaptive Security Appliance. In brief, Cisco ASA is a security device that combines firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, and virtual private network (VPN) capabilities. It provides proactive threat defense that stops attacks before they spread through the network.

What is the latest Cisco firewall?

The Cisco Firepower Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is the industry’s first fully integrated, threat-focused NGFW. It delivers comprehensive, unified policy management of firewall functions, application control, threat prevention, and advanced malware protection from the network to the endpoint.

What is a PIX firewall?

Cisco Systems’ PIX Firewall provides firewall and network translation services. PIX Firewall allows secure access to the Internet from within existing private networks and the ability to expand and reconfigure TCP/IP networks without being concerned about a shortage of IP addresses.

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