Quick Answer: How To Worship Chinnamasta Devi?

Can we worship Chinnamasta?

Chhinnamasta is worshipped in the Kalikula sect of Shaktism, the Goddess-centric tradition of Hinduism. Though Chhinnamasta enjoys patronage as one of the Mahavidyas, temples devoted to her (found mostly in Nepal and eastern India) and her public worship are rare.

Who is goddess Chinnamasta?

Chinnamasta is the Hindu Goddess of transformation. She is the sixth of the Dasa Mahavidya, the wisdom Goddesses, and is also known as Chhinnamastika or Prachanda Chandika. She is depicted holding her own head, which she has just cut off. She is known as the self-decapitated Goddess and also as Prachanda Chandika.

Where is Chinnamasta Devi Temple?

Location of the temple The temple of Chinnamasta is located 28 km away from Ramgarh Cantonment in the small town of Rajrappa in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Its location is quite interesting as the temple stands on a small hill at the confluence of the two rivers namely, Damodar and Bhera (Bhairavi River).

Why did Parvati take Chinnamasta avatar?

There is an origin story of Chinnamasta, the goddess with the self-decapitated head, in the Pranatoshini Tantra. In the Devi Bhagavata Purana, when Parvati, as Sati, wanted to go to her father, Daksha’s house for dinner, uninvited, Shiva refused to go. The creation of life made her remember Shiva.

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How can I speak with Maa Kali?

10 Tips from Goddess Kali on How to Find Inner Strength

  1. Say Om. Say three Oms, with the intention of creating a space of sacredness.
  2. Contemplate. Spend a few moments in contemplation, recalling the symbology of Kali.
  3. Summon Kali.
  4. Feel Kali.
  5. Start a Dialogue.
  6. Continue the Dialogue.
  7. Be Aware of Your Breath.
  8. Thank Kali.

Is Kali goddess evil?

Kali is the quintessential embodiment of shakti, female power. She emerges as an independent goddess around 1000 BCE and evolves as a controversial character: she is a scary, bloodthirsty embodiment of destruction, and the ultimate protector against evil.

How do you pray to Chinnamasta?


  1. Take a bath and sit in a quiet room.
  2. Place a picture of Goddess Chinnamasta.
  3. Ensure to keep the pronunciation right while chanting the Mantra.
  4. You have to chant the mentioned Mantra for at least 108 times a day and for 11 days in a row.

Can we keep MAA Chinnamasta photo at home?

What I can suggest you is to keep the picture of Maa Chinnamasta in your mind always rather than keeping at home. Whenever and Wherever you wish to see her, you can close your eyes and see Maa. In this way, you don’t need to perform any rituals to them or you can perform the rituals in your mind (Manas Pooja).

What is Dasa Mahavidya?

A Dasa Mahavidya is one of 10 wisdom goddesses in Hinduism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, Dasa, meaning “ten,” maha, meaning “great” and Vidya, meaning “knowledge.” Each Mahavidya is a form of the Divine Mother.

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Why is rajrappa famous?

Rajrappa is a Hindu pilgrimage centre attracting an estimated 2,500-3,000 persons daily. The main attraction of the Chhinnamasta (also known as Chinnamastika) temple located here is the headless deity of goddess Chinnamasta which stands on the body of Kamdev and Rati in the lotus bed.

What is Shakti Peeth?

The Shakti Pitha (Sanskrit: शक्ति पीठ, Śakti Pīṭha, seat of Shakti ) are significant shrines and pilgrimage destinations in Shaktism, the goddess-focused Hindu tradition. The legend behind the Shakti Peethas is the story of the self-immolation of the goddess Sati, wife of Shiva.

In which district is Shaileshwori Temple?

It is one of few tourist destinations and a religious place at far west. Goddess Shaileshwari is another form among many other and people have great faith in her, like any other forms of Bhagwati/Durga, Shaileshwari temple is located at Silgadhi, Doti district of Nepal.

Why did Shiva kill Parvati?

In the Shiva Purana, when Shiva was meditating on Mount Mandara, Parvati was in a playful mood and covered Shiva’s eyes. This caused the whole universe to become covered in darkness. Brahmā granted Andhaka these wishes, but warned him that he could still be killed by Shiva.

Did Parvati breastfeed Shiva?

According to a book called Tara Rahasya by Brahmananda(little to nothing is known about the author), Parvati in the form of Tara, breastfed Shiva, to reduce his pain due to poison in his throat. Tara appears in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Is Parvati and Lakshmi same?

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, fertility, auspiciousness, light, and material and spiritual fulfillment, as well as the consort of Vishnu, the maintainer or preserver. Parvati, or Kali is the goddess of power, war, beauty, love, as well as the consort of Shiva, the destroyer of evil or transformer.

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