Question: Who Marries Devi?

Who is Ashoka Chakravarthy wife?

Devi (wife of Ashoka)

Spouse Ashoka
Issue Mahendra Sanghamitra
Names Vedisa- Mahadevi Sakyakumari
Dynasty Maurya

Who is Devi in Chakravartin Ashoka?

Main cast

Character Portrayed by Year!
Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka Maurya aka Chand Mohit Raina 2016
Siddharth Nigam 2015-16
Empress Devi Kajol Srivastav 2016
Queen Kaurwaki Soumya Seth 2016

Why Ashoka killed his 99 brothers?

Ashoka killed his brothers to ascend the throne of Magadha. Some texts say that he had 99 half brothers and 1 own brother. According to Buddhist text he killed 99 of his brothers sparing only one (Vitashoka or Tissa). Before converting into Buddhism, he was a regular cruel kshatriya tyrant, backed by cunning brahmins.

Why did Ashoka not marry Kaurwaki?

When Ashoka asked Devi’s hand in marriage, her father readily agreed but she declined the offer and made a strange demand. Devi insisted that she would marry Ashoka if and only he would resolve the issue of rebellions in Ujjain without any bloodshed. Hearing this Ashoka left the place.

Why did Bindusara hated Ashoka?

Because of this reason his father hated him very much and never wanted to see him. In fact, the real Bindusara hated Ashoka so much, that when he was on his deathbed and Ashoka suggested that he be declared his father’s real heir, Bindusara died from shock.

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Who killed Vitashoka?

In the Divyavadana As a punishment, Ashoka ordered the Ajivikas to be put to death and declared a reward for killing of Nirgranthas. Someone killed Vitashoka taking him to be a Nirgrantha. His head was taken to Ashoka.

Who killed Siamak?

In a tussle between them Ashoka killed Sushima and also some of his other brothers who did not supported him. So, after Sushima lost chances to ascend the throne, Bindusara decided to end his life by fasting until death and died in 272 BCE at his 47th year.

Who killed Charumitra?

Its said that Subhadrangi died some what after marriage of Ashoka with Devi. When there was war for succession to throne of Magadha Ashoka killed all his 99 brothers and succeeded his father to the throne. Thus, unable to bear the loss of her sons according to legend, Charumitra also dies.

Who married Ahankara?

The serial, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat has many love stories – one love story in the current track is that of Rajkumar Sushim and Rajkumari Ahankara. While, Sushim is the eldest son of Samrat Bindusar, Ahankara is the only daughter of Ujjain’s king Rajajiraj. They both share mutual feeling of love and admiration.

How was Bindusara died?

When Sushima heard this news, he advanced towards Pataliputra to claim the throne. However, he died after being tricked into a pit of burning charcoal by Ashoka’s well-wisher Radhagupta. The Rajavali-Katha states that Bindusara retired after handing over the throne to Ashoka.

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