Question: How Was Puritism Showed In The Devi And Tom Walker?

How is individualism shown in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Tom Walker shows individualism by keeping to himself and hoarding things. He also shows individualism by refusing to be a slave trader. Give examples of this concept of romanticim shown in the story: 2. Nature in the story: Sets the devil in a dark place like the swamp.

Where did Irving get his inspiration to write The Devil and Tom Walker from?

Irving had travelled widely in Germany by the time he wrote ‘ “ The Devil and Tom Walker,” and it can be assumed that he was familiar with German Romantic writer Jo-hann Goethe’s version of the tale which was published in Goethe’s novel Faust.

What aspects of society are being satirized in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The purpose of satire is to alert people to crucial problems in society and to encourage specific changes. In The Devil and Tom Walker, Washington Irving uses satire to criticize greedy moneylenders, shrewish women, hypocritical leaders, and biased historians.

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What is the moral of the Devil and Tom Walker?

The moral in “The Devil in Tom Walker ” is that if you sell your soul to the devil to get what you want, it will end up destroying you. When we say “sell your soul” it is usually a metaphor.

Why does Tom decide not to make a deal with the devil *?

Why did Tom decide to not take the deal with the devil? Tom discussed the potential deal with his wife, but he ultimately decided not to take it just because she wanted him to. He chose not to make the deal to spite her.

How is inspiration used in The Devil and Tom Walker?

The Devil and Tom Walker finds inspiration in myth, legend, and folklore and also values feeling and intuition over reason. It is an example of American Romanticism because it finds inspiration in myths, legends and folklore. Second, the Devil recovers the treasure after Kidd the Pirate never returns to claim it.

Who is the black man in the Devil and Tom Walker?

In the ” Devil and Tom Walker,” the black man is the devil. He is described as black because he is covered in soot and has black hair that sticks out in all directions.

Why are Tom and his wife so unhappy?

Terms in this set (19) Why are Tom and his wife unhappy? They fight about money. ” Tom was a hard-minded fellow, not easily daunted, and he had lived so long with a termagant wife that he did not even fear the devil.”

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Did Tom Walker deserve his fate?

What do you learn about Tom, based on his reaction to the loss of his wife? He ultimately sells his soul. I think he deserved this fate because he didn’t have to sell his soul to the devil. He could have easily said no but he let his greed control his life and made his own decision.

What is the irony in the Devil and Tom Walker?

The dark and humorous irony in this passage is that normally nobody would willingly wish to sell her soul to the devil, and that the only reason Tom does not go through with the deal is simply to spite his wife rather than any concerns for his own welfare.

What is the imagery in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Throughout the tale Irving uses imagery to show both Tom’s inner corruption and remind the audience of his damnation. For example, images of fire or sparks remind the reader that Tom’s soul will suffer from the flames in hell.

What satire means?

Satire, artistic form, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, parody, caricature, or other methods, sometimes with an intent to inspire social reform.

What is the authors message in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Greed. Greed is the central theme of “The Devil and Tom Walker.” It is greed that killed Kidd the pirate—for stealing things that did not belong to him—as well as Tom’s wife and even Tom Walker. Tom’s wife is willing to sacrifice anything to take the devil’s offer of riches.

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