Question: How To Reach Saptashrungi Devi?

How do I get to Saptashrungi Temple?

Saptashrungi Devi Temple

  1. #13 of 22 Places to Visit in Nashik.
  2. Distance (From Nashik CBS Bus Station): 65 Kms.
  3. Visited From: Nashik CBS Bus Station.
  4. Trip Duration (Including Travel ): 4-6 Hours.
  5. Place Location: Near Nanduri Village.
  6. Transportation Options: Bus / Cab.
  7. Website: NA.
  8. Phone No: NA.

How far is Saptashrungi from Nashik?

Saptashrungi or Saptashringi (Marathi: सप्तश्रृंगी, Saptaśrr̥ṇgī) is a site of Hindu pilgrimage, situated 60 kilometres (37 mi) from Nashik in the Indian state of Maharashtra. According to Hindu traditions, the goddess Saptashrungi Nivasini dwells within the seven mountain peaks.

Who is goddess Vani?

Saraswati (Sanskrit: सरस्वती, IAST: Sarasvatī) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, speech, wisdom, and learning.

Other names Sharada, Savitri, Brahmani, Bharadi, Vani, Vagdevi
Sanskrit transliteration Sarasvatī
Devanagari सरस्वती
Affiliation Devi, River goddess, Tridevi, Gayatri

How many steps are there in Vani temple?

The temple has 500 stairs but can easily climb (even if you are a kid or an old). Though they are also in process of staying a escalator train.

How far is Nasik from trimbakeshwar?

Distance Between Trimbakeshwar to Nashik

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Distance between Trimbakeshwar to Nashik by Road is 29 Kms
Distance between Trimbakeshwar to Nashik by Flight is 27 Kms
Travel Time from Trimbakeshwar to Nashik by Road is 0:41 hrs
Nearest Airport in Trimbakeshwar Gandhinagar (19.94, 73.54)

Are Lakshmi and Saraswati sisters?

Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati are the wives of Lord Vishnu the preserver, Lord Brahma the creator and Lord Mahadeva the destroyer respectively. They are like sisters but not sisters. Goddess Lakshmi blesses with fortune and wealth. Goddess Saraswati symbolises knowledge.

Is Saraswati sister of Shiva?

Each then created a pair of sibling deities, viz Parvati and Vishnu, Brahma and Lakshmi, Shiva and Saraswati. Then the pairs were reordered as consorts viz. Parvati and Shiva, Lakshmi and Vishnu, Brahma and Saraswati. Long story short it is Saraswati that is considered Shiva’s sister, and not Lakshmi.

What can we offer to goddess Saraswati?

Foods offered to Goddess Saraswati on Basant Panchami In Bihar, boondi, sev, ber and seasonal fruits are offered to the Goddess along with dahi-chidwa. On this day students fast and offer their prayers to seek blessings from Goddess Saraswati.

Is Vaishno Devi Shakti Peeth?

Held with utmost regard by the Shaktas (worshippers of God as Divine Mother), the pious and blessed shrine of Vaishno Mata is one of the rare Shakti Peethas or abode of supreme power in the Indian subcontinent. The temple of Mata Vaishno Devi is very ancient according to the study conducted by the geologists.

Where are the 51 Shakti Peethas located?

There are 51 Shakti – Peeths, of which 4 are Adi- Shakti Peeths, 18 are Maha Shakti – Peeths and the rest are Shakti – Peeths only Though most are located in India, there are 7 in Bangladesh, 2 in Nepal, 3 in Pakistan, 1 in Sri-Lanka and Tibet each.

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What can I buy in Nasik?

Nasik is famous for its shopping streets and is a bumper lottery for the shopaholics. One can find a range of items starting from handicrafts, silver items, souvenirs to ancient copper remains and statues of brass. This wine city is also well-known for its chivda grapes and wine.

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