Question: How Does Ms Walker Meet The Devi;?

How did the Devil and Tom Walker meet?

Tom Walker initially encounters the devil as he sits on the trunk of a hemlock near what was once an Indian fort. Later in the story, Tom meets up with “Old Scratch” when he returns to the forest to learn what has happened to his wife. The Devil is “sauntering along the swamp,” close to the first location.

Who does Tom Walker meet in the forest?

Who does Tom meet in the forest? How would you describe him? Tom meets the devil. He describes him as a black man with an axe.

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Where does Tom meet the devil for the first time?

Once day, Tom meets the devil in a swamp. The devil says he will show Tom where some gold is hidden. In return, Tom has to give his soul to the devil.

Why are Tom and his wife so unhappy in The Devil and Tom Walker?

Why are Tom and his wife unhappy? They fight about money. ” Tom was a hard-minded fellow, not easily daunted, and he had lived so long with a termagant wife that he did not even fear the devil.”

Why does Tom initially refuse the devil’s bargain?

Why does Tom initially refuse the devil’s bargain? It is after he gets home and tells his wife about the incident. However Tom might have felt disposed to sell himself to the devil, he was determined not to do so to contradict his wife. So, just to spite her, Tom refuses.

Why does Tom refuse the Devil’s offer at first?

The Devil first asks Tom to be a slave-trader; he refuses because he is not that immoral. Tom agrees to open a broker shop and become a usurer for the Devil’s money. He builds a quick reputation as a loan shark. As Tom got older, he began to regret his deal with the Devil.

What do the devil’s trees in the swamp represent?

Describe the devil’s trees. The trees of the wooded and swamp area symbolized the land owners, slave drivers, and colonists that have taken the land from the Native Americans. They were all sinners that had made deals with the devil for their own greed and material desires.

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Why does Tom’s wife decides to go into the forest?

After hearing Tom’s report of the deal he had been offered by the devil, whereby he could basically “sell his soul” in return for great wealth (the gold buried by Kidd the pirate), Tom’s wife goes into the forest to make her own deal since Tom refuses to do so.

Why does Tom’s wife go off into the forest with her best silver?

Why does Tom’s wife go off into the forest with her best silver? She wants to deal with the Devil. Tom hoped to spite his wife and she hoped to outwit him.

Who is the black man in the Devil and Tom Walker?

In the ” Devil and Tom Walker,” the black man is the devil. He is described as black because he is covered in soot and has black hair that sticks out in all directions.

What is the ending of The Devil and Tom Walker?

what happens to Tom at the end of the book? the devil came and put him on the back of his horse, and galloped into a thunderstorm. all his bonds and mortgages were in cinders, his gold and silver was filled with chips and shavings, 2 skeletons lay in place of his horses and his house caught on fire and burnt

What does the devil say to Tom Walker?

“The devil take me if I have made a farthing!” These are Tom’s last words before he is carried off to hell on the back of a black horse.

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What does Tom do when he begins to regret his agreement?

In “The Devil and Tom Walker,” when Tom begins to regret his agreement to sell his soul to the devil, he begins to attend church and carry his Bible with him everywhere. He also is rumored to have had his horse buried upside down in the belief that this way, he can outrun the devil.

How does Tom feel after his wife’s death?

Only containing a heart and liver, Tom responds to his wife’s death by simply stating that the Devil was most assuredly challenged by his wife. While saddened by the loss of the property, Tom finds that he would gladly give up the items since they disappeared with his wife. Tom is glad his wife is gone.

What 4 phrases are used to describe Tom’s wife?

They are both miserly, she is hot tempered, loud mouth, quick to physical fights.

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