Often asked: Why Do We Keep Lemons Nearlinga Bhairavi Devi Yantra?

Can we keep Linga Bhairavi at home?

The Gudi can be kept anywhere in your home or office. If possible, it is best if the Gudi lamps lit at least once a day. Ghee or gingelly/sesame oil can be used for the lamp, along with a cotton wick. To connect with Devi, you can chant the Linga Bhairavi Stuti whenever you wish.

What is Devi Yantra?

It consists of four separate wooden pieces to be placed below the corners of the Yantra. Note that the Yantra does not come with the stand. This stand is suitable only for the Avighna Yantra and not the Linga Bhairavi Yantra.

What is Linga Bhairavi Sadhana?

Sadhguru. Bhairavi Sadhana is an opportunity to bring forth devotion from within. For the first time, both ladies and gents can participate. The sadhana starts during early Uttarayana, when the sun’s run shifts to the northern hemisphere, a time conducive for spiritual receptivity.

Who can wear Linga Bhairavi pendant?

The pendant can be worn with a gold, silver or copper chain/thread of your choice. Silver chain and red thread are available here. Please do not wear any of the Bhairavi pendants with any other metals or materials. The pendant can be worn by anyone of any age.

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How do I choose a Yantra?

That’s why yantras should be used very carefully. How to use the Yantra?

  1. The yantra of Guru, Sun and the Mercury can be wear in a gold locket.
  2. You can wear moon yantra in silver.
  3. As per the astrology, you can wear the yantras of Rahu, Ketu and Mars in copper.
  4. You can wear the yantra of Saturn in steel.

What is the purpose of a Yantra?

Yantras are used for the worship of deities in temples or at home; as an aid in meditation; used for the benefits given by their supposed occult powers based on Indian astrology and tantric texts. They are also used for adornment of temple floors, due mainly to their aesthetic and symmetric qualities.

Are Yantras effective?

Yantras should be used under right guidance and of unaltered quality. It has proven to be effective even in Puranas and Vedic System and has shown results over years.

Is Bhairavi same as Durga?

Legends regard her to be the consort of Kala Bhairava, the aggressive form of Lord Shiva and hence, she is also called Kala Bhairavi. She is one of the manifestations of Kali, the fierce form of divine Shakti, who is also known in many other names such as Parvati, Durga and Bhagavathi.

What is Shivanga Sadhana for ladies?

Shivanga Sadhana for Ladies is a 21-day period of sadhana where women can experience the Grace of Linga Bhairavi. The sadhana period culminates at the abode of Linga Bhairavi on the auspicious day of Thaipusam (the full moon day in the lunar month of Thai), which also marks the anniversary of the Devi’s consecration.

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