Often asked: Which Side Is For Devi Sthapna?

Which side Kalash should be placed?

Kalash or water body should be placed in the north or the east of the room.

Which direction should Durga face?

According to Vastu Shastra, during worship of the Goddess, you should keep your mouth towards the east or north direction. Worshiping in the east direction leads to enlightenment and worshiping in the north direction gives a person the benefit of money and grain.

What is Kalash Sthapna?

The 9-day-long festival falls in the Chaitra month of Shukla Paksha. Devotees during this festival observe -day-long fast and worship nine forms of Goddess Durga, namely Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyani, Kaalaratri, Mahagauri and Siddhidatri.

Where should goddess Durga be placed at home?

The Akhand-jot should be placed at the south-east corner [Agneyo angle]. If there is any lamp shade, it is to be placed in the southeast corner of the room. Placing the “mangal-ghat” on a sandalwood table is the most desirable setting as per Vastu recommendation.

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Which direction should God idols be placed?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. Never face the idol or picture of God towards the north, otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south.

Which direction should we face while praying?

Ensure that your idols never face each other Regardless of which direction your pooja room is in, the idols and images of gods should face the north-east. While praying, it is considered auspicious to face the north-east, north or east— – so place your idols accordingly.

What should be in front of main door?

What should be placed in front of main door? A clean house, especially the main entrance, attracts positive energy. Avoid keeping dustbins, broken chairs or stools, near the main door.

In which direction we should keep Saraswati photo?

An idol of Maa Saraswati should be placed in the West southwest as the zone represents education. Now coming to religious paintings and representations, a picture or painting depicting Sagar Manthan should be placed in the East-southeast direction.

Can we keep Maa Kali idol at home?

Absolutely You should keep these godess but remember u should not keep Vamarga or Shamsan Kali ( Kali idol or picture where she places left foot over Shivas chest ) instead Dakshina Kali or Mahakali could be installed as Shamsan Kali is generally worshipped by Tantric and at places like graveyards.

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What is the right time for Kalash Sthapana?

Chaitra Navratri 2021 Kalash Sthapana Shubh Muhurat You may also perform the rituals during the Abhijeet Muhurat, between 11:56 AM to 12:47 PM.

What does Kalash represent?

The Kalasha is believed to contain amrita, the elixir of life, and thus is viewed as a symbol of abundance, wisdom, and immortality. The water in the pot represents the life-giving ability of Nature. Sometimes, a silver or brass face of the Goddess is attached over the coconut of the Purna- Kalasha.

How can I use Kalash at home?

During any specific puja-

  1. Wash the pot with water and clean it with any new cloth.
  2. Decorate the Kalash with turmeric powder paste and kumkum dots.
  3. Fill the Kalash with Ganga jal.
  4. Put dry fruits, uncooked rice and coins in the Kalash.
  5. Decorate the neck of the Kalash with mango leaves.

Which day is for Durga Maa?

Devotees on this festival also observe fasts for the nine days and also pray to the nine different forms of Maa Durga collectively known as Nav Durga. Each day of Navaratri is dedicated to one form of Goddess Durga. Maa Shailputri is worshipped on the first day of Navaratri.

Is Durga the same as Kali?

So, Durga and Kali are not exactly the same, but they are not exactly different either. The latter is a manifestation of the former. Yes they are the form of 1 Goddess Devi Parvati, the wife of Shiva. BUT SHE TOOK THE FORM OF MAHAKALI TO KILL DEMONS LIKE RAKTABIJA, SHUMBHA AND NISHUMBHA.

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Can we worship Durga idol at home?

Shiva Om Dear Friend, You are welcome to keep a brass idol of the Astabhuja Durga Mata at your home as long as the following points are satisfied: A. You should have unflinching faith in the goddess and have an inner connect with her.

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