Often asked: What Is Companion Devi?

What is Companion Device Manager used for?

On devices running Android 8.0 (API level 26) and higher, companion device pairing performs a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi scan of nearby devices on behalf of your app without requiring the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission. This helps maximize user privacy protections.

What is your phone companion used for?

Your Phone (also known as Link to Windows) allows you to see your notifications, send and receive text messages, make calls and view your recent photos right from your desktop. It even allows you to mirror your Galaxy’s screen on your PC, giving you full access to your favorite mobile apps right on your computer.

What is Android your phone companion?

Your Phone Companion is an official Microsoft app that helps you keep a record of the Microsoft apps installed and upgraded in your smartphone. Basically, you can view a list of all the Microsoft apps for Android including: Skype, Swiftkey Keyboard, Office Lens, Outlook, Xbox, Wunderlist, among many others.

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What is device pairing?

Bluetooth pairing is a form of information registration for linking devices. By registering device information ( pairing ) between devices, they can connect. To use a Bluetooth device, you must first pair it with another Bluetooth device. Pairing is a bit like exchanging phone numbers.

How do I find hidden apps on Android?

How to Find Hidden Apps in the App Drawer

  1. From the app drawer, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Hide apps.
  3. The list of apps that are hidden from the app list displays. If this screen is blank or the Hide apps option is missing, no apps are hidden.

How do you use phone companion?

Launch the Your Phone Companion app on your Android phone and sign in with the same Microsoft account you use on your PC. Go through the quick setup process. On the final screen, tap “Allow” to link your PC to your phone. The text messages and photos from your phone will start showing up in the Your Phone app.

Can I uninstall your phone companion?

In the App Info, there is no option to uninstall. There is a Disable, that is already disabled (grayed out), and there is a Force stop which will kill the app, but it just reboots. The link to the app’s store page will take you there, but once again, no option to uninstall.

Is Microsoft phone companion safe?

Are there privacy concerns with Your Phone? The idea of syncing your phone to your PC, or rather, mirroring aspects of it, could be a security and privacy concern, especially if all the data is being synced to the cloud. But that is not what happens with Your Phone.

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Is there spyware on my Android phone?

Spyware and tracking apps can cause random reboots and shutdowns on Android devices. If you believe that your phone’s software is stable and updated, then random reboots or shutdowns can mean your phone has spyware. Unstable third-party apps can also cause this. So to be sure, uninstall any suspicious applications.

Can spy apps be detected?

Here’s how to scan for spyware on your Android: Download and install Avast Mobile Security. Run an antivirus scan to detect spyware or any other forms of malware and viruses. Follow the instructions from the app to remove the spyware and any other threats that may be lurking.

How do I open your phone companion app?

Open a browser on your Android device, type www.aka.ms/yourpc in the browser, and then download the Your Phone Companion app. For Surface Duo and select Samsung devices, you’ll be prompted to open Link to Windows instead, which is preinstalled on your Android device.

Can’t find your phone companion app on my phone?

Search for App Info and tap on it. Tap on See all apps. Find Your Phone Companion and tap on it. To get notifications working:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Search for “Notification access.”
  3. Find Your Phone Companion in the list and tap to toggle off/on.
  4. A pop-up will appear; select Allow when prompted.

What does it mean when you pair a new device?

Pairing is the process required to mutually register the information on BLUETOOTH devices to be connected wirelessly. Since the pairing information is retained even if the devices are turned off, it is not necessary to pair the same devices again.

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Why isn’t my Bluetooth finding devices?

If your Bluetooth devices won’t connect, it’s likely because the devices are out of range, or aren’t in pairing mode. If you’re having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet “forget” the connection.

How many Bluetooth devices can I connect to my Android phone?

Can my phone be connected with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time? Answer: 1. If your phone runs EMUI 9.0 or later, you can pair it simultaneously with no more than three Bluetooth audio devices (such as Bluetooth car kit, Bluetooth headset, and Bluetooth speaker).

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