Often asked: How To Go Ekvira Devi From Thane?

How do I get from Thane to Ekvira Devi?

It takes 1 hours, 54 minutes to travel from Thane to Ekvira Devi Mandir. Approximate driving distance between Thane and Ekvira Devi Mandir is 95 kms or 59 miles or 51.3 nautical miles.

Origin Thane, Srinagar Colony, Thane West, Maharashtra, India
Destination Ekvira Devi Mandir, Pune, Maharashtra, India

How can I go to Ekvira by train?

By Train: The nearest railway station to the temple is Lonavala that is 42 km from where you can take a local state transport bus or a local taxi.

How do I get from Panvel to Ekvira Devi?

There is no direct connection from Panvel to Ekvira. However, you can take the bus to Kalyan Bhiwadi, take the walk to Kalyan Jn, take the train to Lonavala, then take the taxi to Ekvira. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Ekvira.

How many steps are there in Ekvira Temple?

The temple is located on a hill. One needs to ascend around 500 steps to reach the temple. It is surrounded by Karla caves, which are now protected by the Archeological department.

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How do you do Ekvira?

HOW TO REACH ekvira devi temple

  1. Mi Casa. 22,144. select. Mi Casa – Deccan Hills Society, Lokhandwala Complex, Kunegaon, kunegaon,
  2. Kailash Parbat Hotel. 5,310. select. Mumbai Pune Road, Valvan, Mumbai Pune Road, mumbai-pune expressway, valvan,
  3. Fariyas Resort Lonavala. 6,844. select.

How do I get to Karla caves?

Reaching the Karla Caves requires a walk up 350 steps from the base of the hill or nearly 200 steps from the car park around halfway up the hill. Tickets are required to go inside the caves. The ticket booth is at the entrance at the top of the hill. The entry fee is 25 rupees for Indians and 300 rupees for foreigners.

Is Ekvira Devi temple open?

The most important thing to know is that ekvira devi temple is closed on.

How do I get from Lonavala to Mumbai?

It take about 02:24 hours to reach Mumbai from Lonavala. First bus from Lonavala to Mumbai is A/C, SLEEPER bus, run by Shri(Pune)SaiTravels, that departs at 00:00 hours from Lonavala. The last bus run by Gujarat travels, A/C, SLEEPER, VOLVO, MULTI AXLE from Lonavala to Mumbai, leaves at 23:55 hours, from Lonavala.

How do I get from Karjat to Ekvira?

There is no direct connection from Karjat to Ekvira. However, you can take the taxi to Daund Jn, take the train to Pune Jn, take the walk to Pune Junction, take the train to Malavli, then take the taxi to Ekvira. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Ekvira.

What is the best time to visit Lonavala?

The best time to go to Lonavala is considered to be from October to February, as the weather is great which is perfectly apt for adventure activities such as trekking and hiking. These are the months of winter which are perfect to explore the beautiful hill station of Lonavala.

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How many steps are there in jejuri?

Jejuri Temple is situated atop a small hill and because of this height; one has to climb a series of almost 200 steps to reach the sanctum sanctorum. Since the climb is not too difficult and offers amazing views of Saswad and Dive Ghat, one doesn’t even come to know when the 200 steps come to an end.

What is the meaning of Ekvira?

Ekvira is a Hindu Girl name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Ekvira name meaning is Queen Fish. Ekvira name popularity and rank stands at 27019 among 29430 Hindu names. Name.

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