Often asked: How Should The Tirthankar Picture Be And Devi Picture Be Placed At Home?

Which side God photo should face?

According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. Never face the idol or picture of God towards the north, otherwise, the worshiper will face towards the south.

Which side should God face in house?

Where should the puja room be placed in a north- facing house? The ideal location for a mandir in the house is north-east. In such a case, try and ensure that you are facing the north or east, while praying. Always make sure that the puja room is not under the staircase or by the bathroom wall.

Where should you put a dead person’s picture in the house?

As per Vastu principles, the photographs of your ancestors and other dead family members can be placed in the pooja room or mandir of your house. But while keeping the photographs in the mandir or Pooja room you should make sure that the photo is not placed along with the photos or idols of Gods.

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Which god idols should be kept at home?

For worshipping within the walls of your home, an idol of Ganesha in sitting position, also known as the lalitasana, is considered ideal.

Can we keep God facing west?

West is permissible too, if nothing else works. However, avoid locating the pooja room in the south. 2. Try to ensure that you face the north or the east while offering prayers.

What should be placed in front of main door?

What should be placed in front of main door? A clean house, especially the main entrance, attracts positive energy. Avoid keeping dustbins, broken chairs or stools, near the main door.

Which idol should not be kept in the house?

The idol of God should never be placed anywhere else in the house except the temple. Also, it should be placed in such a way that its back part is not visible.

Where should Kubera statue be placed in house?

Kubera’s dwelling is supposed to be in Himalayas and he is facing the South direction.So it is necessary to place him in the North at home. Kubera’s good graces increase a lot when is position is front of the Money cupboard.

Which direction should we face while Worshipping?

Second most important Vastu Shastra rule is while worshipping, the person should always face towards East direction. Although North-East is an excellent location for pooja room, in various big plots, pooja room can also be in Brahmasthan (central portion) of the house.

Is it bad to take a picture of a dead person?

The very thought of posting a picture of the deceased in a casket on social media is appalling and should never happen. However, there may be some circumstances when taking pictures might be okay.

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Can we keep dead person photos in living room?

Many people even keep their portraits in the pooja room. This is done to show respect to the elders. But as per Vastu Shastra, is not considered auspicious. Keeping portraits or photos of the dead in puja room, study or bedroom not only brings bad luck, but may also cost you your family’s peace and prosperity.

On which wall clock should be hanged?

According to Vastu, the clock should be placed on the eastern, western, or northern wall of the house or office. These directions work to bring positive energy into the house. With this, by keeping the clock in these directions, our time remains good and all the work is done well without any hindrance.

Which type of Krishna idol is good for home?

The idol is most effective when it is placed in the Northeast corner of the home as mentioned above. East to West, or West to East is fine for its facing but never North to South.

Which metal idol is good for home?

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Which god idol should be kept in car?

Lord Ganesha is known as God of wisdom, success and prosperity and is widely revered as the remover of obstacles. As the god of beginnings, he is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. This Ganesha showpiece is very well designed and finished which can be kept in car as well as at a home temple.

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