How To Perform Bala Tripura Sundari Puja On Devi Navaratri?

What is the age of Bala Tripura Sundari?

Recent books on Hindu Spirituality Tripura Sundari is often represented as a girl of sixteen years age. As such she is called “sixteen” (shodashi) or “the young girl” ( bala ). At this stage of a woman’s life, the delight aspect of her existence is most pronounced.

What is Bala Pooja?

Bala Tripura Sundari Pooja She is venerated as an embodiment of everlasting beauty, immense power, great wisdom, Siddhi powers, courage, and kindness. Bala is seen seated on a white lotus and holding a book symbolizing wisdom, a rosary denoting yogic and spiritual powers.

Where is Bala Tripura Sundari Temple?

Bala Tripura Sundari Temple is located at the Tripurakot on the bank of Thuli Bheri river in Dolpa district of Nepal.

Who is Tripura Sundari?

Tripura Sundari (Sanskrit: त्रिपुर सुन्दरी, IAST: Tripura Sundarī), also known as Sodashi and Lalita, is a Hindu goddess and is mainly venerated in Shaktism, the goddess-oriented sect of Hinduism. She is also a prominent Mahavidya.

Is Lalitha Devi Parvati?

About Lalitha. Lalitha is the mother Goddess and is regarded as one of the Dasha Mahavidhyas, the ten supreme feminine powers of the world. She is an aspect of the universal mother, Parvathi, and is known by various names, like Shodashi, Tripura Sundari, Lalitha Tripura Sundari and Adi Parashakthi.

Who is Shodashi?

As Shodashi, Tripurasundari is represented as a sixteen-year-old girl, and is believed to embody sixteen types of desire. The Tripura Sundari, along with other Goddesses, namely, Tara, Kali, Bhuvaneshvari, Chhinnamasta, Bhairavi, Bagalamukhi, Dhumavati, Kamalatmika and Matangi.

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