Homeless Bird- When Mrs. Devi Sees Koly’s Quilt, Who Doe Sit Remind Her Of?

What happened in Chapter 7 in Homeless Bird?

Mehta’s paycheck, Mrs. Mehta starts selling everything to feed them. When she goes to sell her husband’s precious book of poems, though, Koly begs her not to—it was his favorite, after all. Koly makes a bargain with her mother-in-law: She’ll get her silver earrings and Koly will keep the book for herself.

What happened in chapter 11 of Homeless Bird?

Koly knows Raji gets her, and agrees to marry him. She begins to make a quilt for her dowry again, but this time it’s full of joy and love. When the quilt is finished, she and Raji will get hitched. Now she can have the best of both worlds—the man she love and the job she loves.

What is Chapter 4 of Homeless Bird about?

Mrs. Mehta is grieving, and she’s mad that Koly’s dowry didn’t save Hari—now they just have another mouth to feed. After a couple of weeks, Mrs. Mehta takes Koly into town and asks if the government has anything for her son’s widow.

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What happened in Chapter 5 of Homeless Bird?

In Chapter 5, an astrologer sets January second as the “most auspicious day” for Chandra’s wedding. She says her future husband is nineteen, has been to mission school, and has been promised a job working with computers.

Why does KOLY feel like a snake?

Why does Koly feel like a snake? She feels like a snake because she is sleeping on the ground. She feels like a snake because she is shedding her old clothes and her old life for new clothes and a new life.

Why is Mr Govind upset when jasmine flowers are delivered Homeless Bird?

Why is Mr. Govind upset when jasmine flowers are delivered? They are not the traditional flowers for a wedding. They are very expensive flowers.

What happens at the end of Homeless Bird?

By the end of the book, Koly gets everything she’s ever wanted—and more. She doesn’t believe any decent guy will ever want to come near her because she’s a widow, but then she finds Raji and he doesn’t give two figs that she’s been married before.

Who Is Raji from Homeless Bird?

Koly’s knight in shining armor (not that she needs one) is a workhorse. Not only does he own a pretty patch of land out in the country, he works in the city as a rickshaw driver to earn some side cash.

Why can’t KOLY go back home with her parents?

She can’t go back to her family because they can’t afford to take care of her and no one in her village will marry a widow, so she’s stuck with the Mahtas while Mrs. Mahta’s resentment toward Koly grows.

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What happened in chapter 6 of Homeless Bird?

Food is getting scarce, and some days Koly is so hungry she’s dizzy. One day she sees a stray dog and decides to make him her pet. When the dog chases down a goose, she beats him, but he runs away with it still in his mouth and never returns again. Next up, Koly tries her hand at taming a bandicoot.

What is the plot of Homeless Bird?

Having said that, Homeless Bird has a beautiful story. It is about the life journey of a young girl called Koly who lives in a small village in India and gets married at the age of 13. Her husband is quite sick and dies very soon, and Koly is left alone in an unknown city to spend her life as a widow.

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