FAQ: Who Is Goda Devi?

What is the story of Goda Devi?

Marrying Sri Ranganatha When Andal was nubile, the Alwar began looking for a groom. Vishnuchitta takes Andal to Srirangam. At the auspicious moment the Lord marries Andal then she merges with the Lord. Thus Goda became “Amuktamalyada” Mukta – worn and removed, mala – garland, da – one who gives.

Why does Andal have parrot?

Saint Andal is depicted with a parrot in her left hand. This parrot is specially made of leaves daily and given to a devotee at the end of the day. It is believed this brings luck. The Kili Mandapam in the Madurai Meenakshi temple has several parrots housed in it.

What is the original name of Andal?

Andal was found as an infant by Vishnuchittan, also known as Periyalvar (the Elder Alvar). She was called Kodhai – garland/given by the lord. She grew up in the temple town of Srivilliputhur and became known as Andal – she who ruled.

Who did Andal marry?

As Andal reached the marriageable age of 15, her father asked her to get married. She replied that she would marry only Sri Ranganatha.

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Is Andal A Radha?

In North India, Radha is celebrated as the “Queen of Bhakti (devotion).” Among the female devotees, Mirabai’s name is also taken as an example of complete devotion or Bhakti to Lord Krishna. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu Andal is remembered for her pure love and devotion.

Why Meenakshi goddess is in green?

“According to myth, Meenakshi is said to have a dusky complexion, an indication of her Dravidian origin. And when dusky women apply turmeric on their faces, they get a greenish tint. And that’s why Meenakshi is shown green.”

Who is Vahana parrot?

List of God vehicles

Vahana Deities associated
Elephant Indra (elephant named Airavata, pictured), Lakshmi, Bhumi, Prithvi, Indrani, Brihaspati
Parrot Meenakshi, Kama (named Sukha)
Antelope Chandra (chariot of), Vayu (pictured)
Water buffalo Yama (buffalo named Paundraka, pictured), Vihot Mata


Who are the 12 Alwars?


Sl no Alwar Saint Composition
11 Thiruppaan Alvar Amalan Adi Piraan, 10 verses.
12 Thirumangai Alvar Periya Thirumozhi, 1084 verses; Thiru Vezhukootru irukkai, 1 verse; Thiru Kurun Thandagam, 20 verses; Thiru Nedun Thandagam, 30 verses; Siriya Thirumadal, 40 verses; Periya Thirumadal, 78 verses;


Who is Kothai?

She was the only woman among the 12 great devotees of Vishnu, known as Azhwars. Kothai grew up to become a great scholar in Tamil and a great devotee of Vishnu. She would string a garland for the Lord and wear it before sending it to the temple. Once, her father caught her in the act and refused to take the garland.

What is srivilliputhur famous for?

Srivilliputhur is known for a milk sweet called as Srivilliputhur Palkova. The Srivilliputhur Milk Producers Cooperative Society Ltd. and other local vendors started the production of the sweet from 1977 after the white revolution in the 1970s. The industry provides employment to the citizens of the town.

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What is Thiruppavai Pasuram?

Here we go!. The most famous thing about Margazhi is Thiruppavai. Sri Andal’s thirty verses for the thirty days of this holy month, dedicated to the worship and praise of the Lord to the exclusion of all other celebrations and earthly events.

What is Andal Pasuram?

The Thiruppavai is a garland of 30 stanzas ( pasurams ) written in Tamil by Andal (also known as Nachiyar), in praise of Lord Perumal – Vishnu. It is part of Divya Prabandham, a work of the 12 alvars, and is an important part of Tamil literature.

Why do we read Thiruppavai?

He named her Andal which means one who attracts the lord with garlands. In the end, Sri Ranganatha didn’t want to make Andal wait any longer and set off to marry her. By chanting the thiruppavai we are praising the lord and everything he has done for us, and we cannot talk about Margazhi without talking about Andal.

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