FAQ: Who Is Devi In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?

Who played Devi in Ashoka?

Kajol Shrivastav to play Devi’s character in ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’

Who are the wives of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat?


  • Samrat Ashoka Married His First Wife Devi When He was 18.
  • The Second Wife of Ashoka was Rani Kaurwaki or Karuvaki also known as Charuwaki/Kaurubaki.
  • The Third Wife of Ashoka was Rani Padmavati.
  • The Fourth Wife of Ashoka was Asandhimitra, his Chief Queen.

Who was Ashoka’s Favourite wife?

Empress consort of the Maurya Empire
Born 288 BC Kalinga, India
Spouse Ashoka
Issue Tivala (son)

Who is Sushim wife?

Posted: 5 years ago. Aradi is the fictional wife of Sushim from Wytze Keuning’s book Ashoka The Great.

Why did Ashoka attacked Kalinga?

Ashoka decided to attack Kalinga due to its strategic location. Kalinga war was a horrifying event as it was mentioned in 13th Rock Edict of Ashoka. Approximately, hundred and fifty thousand people were wounded while hundred thousand people were killed in the course of the war.

Who killed Bindusara?

Subandhu, while pretending to appease Chanakya, burned him to death. Shortly after this, Subandhu himself had to retire and become a monk due to Chanakya’s curse. Ashokavadana suggests that Bindusara had 500 royal councillors.

Why did Bindusara hated Ashoka?

Because of this reason his father hated him very much and never wanted to see him. In fact, the real Bindusara hated Ashoka so much, that when he was on his deathbed and Ashoka suggested that he be declared his father’s real heir, Bindusara died from shock.

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At what age did Sushima die?

Bindusara could not bear to see his son Sushim losing the chance over the throne and therefore decided to end his life by fasting until death and died in 272 BCE at his 47th year.

How did Siamak died?

Originally Answered: how did Siamak die during King Bindusara’s time? It is said that siamak is a fictional character but there was a war in takshishala,another war. Then ashoka kills siamak and after killing his half brother sushim by tricking him into pit filled with coals ashoka becomes king.

Who killed Sushima?

Susima Maurya (also Sushima or Sushim) was a prince of the Maurya Empire and the eldest son and heir-apparent of the second Mauryan emperor Bindusara. He was next in line for his father’s throne, but was assassinated by his younger half-brother, Ashoka, who eventually succeeded Bindusara as the third Mauryan emperor.

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