FAQ: Who Is Ashapurna Devi?

Is Subarnalata a real story?

Subarnalata, a story of a woman ahead of her times was brought alive on stage by Kshitij Theatre Group under the able direction of Kirti Jain at Stain Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on Saturday. The novels deal with lives of three generations of women in early nineteenth century of Bengal. 3

Who is the writer of Subarnalata?

Subarnalata, Bakul Katha, & Pratham Pratisruti is a trilogy written by Ashapurna Devi, which is a reflection of the struggles faced by middle class women, who want to acquire the same rights as men, but are still expected to fulfill prescribed roles and expectations set out by a patriarchal society.

When was Subarnalata written?

Subarnalata. Kolkata: Mitra and Ghosh, 1967. Print. Niyogi, Chandreyee.

Is Ashapurna Devi married?

Ashapurna was sent to be married in 1924 when she was fifteen years of age, leaving Calcutta for her betrothed’s family residence in Krishnanagar. She was married to Kalidas Gupta, and the couple moved frequently as they established themselves.

What is the theme of Subarnalata?

Subarnalata tells the story of one woman’s lonely struggle in search of her identity, amid overwhelmingly orthodox individuals and mindsets. Subarnalata is a period novel set against the backdrop of Indian independence.

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