FAQ: Who Founded The Kehloor State And Also Built The Famous Naina Devi Temple?

Who built the Naina Devi Temple?

The temple witnesses a huge crowd, especially during Shravan Ashtami and in the Navratras of Chaitra & Ashwin. Highlights This temple was built by Raja Bir Chand in the eight century, when he found the beautiful image of Goddess Durga on top of the hill.

When was Naina Devi temple built?

Built in 15th AD, Naina Devi temple idol was installed by a devotee Moti Ram Shah in 1842. After a drastic landslides in 1880, Naina Devi temple was completely destroyed.

Who was the founder of Bilaspur state?

Bilaspur was founded by Raja Bir Chand in 697 AD when his father Raja Harihar Chand, on his way to Jwalamukhi in Kangra from the ancestral home at Chanderi in Madya Pradesh, was killed by the then Raja of Kangra and Bir Chand as the eldest of the four brothers decided not to go back home.

Where is Naina Devi Temple situated?

Shri Naina Devi Ji is one of the most notable places of worship in Himachal Pradesh. Located in Distt Bilaspur, it is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths where limbs of Sati fell on Earth.

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Why is Naina Devi famous?

Shri Naina Devi Temple is also known as Mahishapeeth because of defeat of demon Mahishasur by the Goddess. According to the legends, Mahishasur was a powerful demon who was blessed by the boon of immortality by Lord Brahma, but the condition was that he could be defeated only by an unmarried woman.

Is Naina Devi a Shakti Peeth?

Temple is located at hilltop and climbing of stairs is required. It is a shaktipeeth and a visit is recommended. jai mata di, so calm. this is one of the best place to worship mata naina devi ji.

What is the height of Naina Devi?

This temple is located at an altitude of approx. 1177 meters in dist. Bilaspur of Himachal Pradesh.

How far is Jwalaji from chintpurni?

Chintpurni is located around 361 KM away from Jwalaji so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Jwalaji in 8 hours and 9 minutes. Your Jwalaji travel time may vary due to your bus speed, train speed or depending upon the vehicle you use.

Which part of Sati fell Where?

Shondesh: Shakti Narmada, Body part –Right Buttock At the source point of Narmada River, at Shondesh in Amarkantak of Madhya Pradesh fell the right buttock of Goddess Sati.

Who is King of Bilaspur?

Anand Chand
44th Raja of Bilaspur
Born 26 January 1913 Bilaspur, Bilaspur State (in present-day Himachal Pradesh, India)
Died 12 October 1983 (aged 70) London, England, United Kingdom
Spouses Umawati Kumari Sudarshana Kumari


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Who founded Hindur?

Unlike other religions, Hinduism has no one founder but is instead a fusion of various beliefs. Around 1500 B.C., the Indo-Aryan people migrated to the Indus Valley, and their language and culture blended with that of the indigenous people living in the region.

Who made Rang Mahal in Bilaspur?

Rang Mahal in Bilaspur was built by Raja Bijai Chand.

Is Naina Devi open?

The most important thing to know is that naina devi temple is closed on.

How can I go to Naina Devi?

Kathgodam Railway Station is the closest railhead to reach Naina Devi Temple (35 km). Trains from Delhi and other metro cities are easily available to reach the railhead. Tourists can get taxis and buses from the railway station to reach the temple. The temple is located 3 km from Nainital Bus Stand.

How can I reach chintpurni?

It is well-connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata. One can take a taxi from the airport to reach the final destination. The nearest railway stations is Amb Andaura, which is about 20 km from the Chintpurni temple. Other railway station, which is close too, is at Una which is 55km away from Chintpurni.

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