FAQ: Theories On What Devi Wants The Name Of The Wind?

Who is Devi in name of the wind?

Deviis a former member of the Arcanum and currently acts as a gaelet in Imre. 1 Description 2 In The Chronicle 3 Speculations 4 Fanarts 5 References Devi is described in the books as petite (pixieish) with strawberry-blonde hair. Her face is described as “cute as a button”, and she has prominent

Why does Devi want into the archives?

She’s extremely curious and wants to gain knowledge. She pissed off the masters and got kicked out of the university and therefore banned from the archives. Devi is in it for the knowledge, you can hear it into the way she talks about the books with kvothe.

Does Denna love Kvothe?

Denna’s been in love with him since they first met. He’s just too thick to realize it, and they both realize that they can’t be together when they’re both impoverished.

What is the Cthaeh?

The Cthaeh is a creature who dwells within the branches of a great tree, located in the middle of a clearing in the Fae Realm. It is either trapped or forced to stay there by the guardians of the tree, The Sithe.

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How old is Elodin?

Elodin is at least 12 years younger then the chancellor, who is barely on the far side of 40. I would say the chancellor is 46 making Elodin 34.

How old is Kvothe?

During the end of WMF he is probably about 17, maybe 18. It doesn’t really specify how long he was in the Fae realm. Kote is assumed to be mid-late 20’s, early 30’s at the latest.

Did Denna die?

Kvothe kills Denna (the Angel) to obtain the power to end the Chandrian (heart’s desire) and fail (tragedy). I agree that it is likely a memorial, but she need not be dead in order for Kvothe to want to memorialise her.

Who is Bast Kingkiller?

Bastas, more commonly known as Bast, is a major protagonist in The Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss. He is also the main protagonist of The Lightning Tree, which is a prequel to the Chronicle. He is a Fae who lives in the human realm with Kvothe.

Why do Kvothe’s eyes change color?

They change color when he gets angry. The main theory is that he is a descendant of Iax of the dark and changing eye and he inherited the trait.

Did Kvothe sleep with Denna?

Denna and Kvothe are not having sex together.

Is Denna a Lackless?

There are additional theories that Denna is, in-fact, Netalia Lackless, and heir to the Lackless line. In addition, upon meeting Maluan Lackless, Kvothe describes how she appears familiar, describing her with traits similar to that of Denna, such as her lips being red “without the benefit of any paint”.

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Does Kvothe kill Denna?

When talking to Bast and Chronicler about the Cthaeh, Kvothe heavily implies that he started the war by entering the Fae, stealing a flower to save a Princess, but kills her instead.

Is Bast Kvothe’s son?

rofl! Bast is the son of Remmen. Remmen is not Kvothe, given that he’s got his own card in the kingkiller cards printed through kickstarter. Bast is also over 100 years old, don’t think Kvothe could be the father.

Is Kvothe a Chandrian?

Kote ( Kvothe post Waystone) is a cursed being. As we find him in the beginning of the story, he is something like the Chandrian. “Some are even saying that there is a new Chandrian. We know that Kvothe’s eyes turn different shades depending on his mood and demeanor (“When his eyes are black as crow, where to go?

What does the Cthaeh say to Kvothe?

Essentially the Cthaeh tells Kvothe to stick with the Maer to find the Amyr. He tells Kvothe this knowing that the Maer will throw him out and pay for his tuition at the University, in Imre (Amyr-re).

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