FAQ: In Which Did Sri Devi?

What happened to Sri Devi?

Sridevi decided to take a bath before getting dressed while Boney waited in the living room. After 15 to 20 minutes, he called out to the actress as they were getting late but he was unable to get a response. Sridevi was pronounced dead on 24 February 2018 at 19:00 in her hotel room where her husband had found her.

Who introduced Sri Devi?

This 1983 film directed by Balu Mahendra re- introduced Sridevi to the Hindi film audience as prior to this, she had only appeared in one film. Sridevi had played the same role in the Tamil film.

How was Sri Devi died?

It was on Monday evening (February 26th) when everyone realised that the mortal remains won’t be arriving anytime soon. A new twist to this tragic demise was the forensic report by the Dubai officials which stated that actor Sridevi died of “accidental drowning” in her hotel bathtub.

What is Sridevi’s mother tongue?

Sridevi’s mother tongue was Tamil so most of her films were dubbed. Yesteryear actor Naaz used to dub for her. In Aakhiri Raasta (1986), Rekha dubbed for her.

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