FAQ: How To Reach Mahur Renuka Devi?

How many steps are there in Mahurgad?

It is situated on a hillock at a distance of about 2.5 kms from the village of Mahur, Nanded district. Need to climb nearly 150 steps to reach mandir. It is believed that the temple has been constructed by a Yadava king of Devgiri about nine hundred years ago.

How do I get from Mumbai to Mahurgad?

State transport buses ply from from Nanded, Kinwat or Pusad for Mahur on a daily basis. If you are planning to travel from Mumbai to Mahur by train then you can take Nandigram Express from Mumbai to Kinwat and then the state transport bus to travel from Kinwat to Mahur.

How do I get from Nanded to Mahurgad?

First bus from Nanded to Mahurgad starts at 08:00 and operated by MSRTC. Last bus leaves from Nanded at 14:30 hours operated by Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt.

Nanded to Mahurgad Bus Distance
Distance : 130 Km
Time Taken : 06:00:00 hrs
Total Operators : 2

Which district is Mahurgad?

Mahur or Mahurgad is a town and religious place in Nanded district of Maharashtra, India. Mahur is the birthplace of Hindu God Dattatreya.

How did Renuka die?

One day, when Renuka went to a river to fetch water, she was attracted to a Gandharva and lost her power of making the sand pot. Knowing this, the furious Jamadagni fired out Renuka.

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Who built mahur fort?

The fort was built by Yadavas of Devgiri. 1n 1358, the fort was under the rule of Muhamad Shah Bahamani.

How do I get to mahur?

How to Reach:

  1. By Air. Nearest Airport is Nanded, 100 km from Mahur.
  2. By Train. Nearest Railway station is kinwat 50 km from mahur.
  3. By Road. From Nanded Bus stand frequent buses are there.

How many stairs are there in Saptashrungi?

There are 510 steps to climb the gad. Devotees visit this place in large numbers every day. The temple is also known popularly as one of the “three and a half Shakti Peethas” of Maharashtra.

Who is Renuka in mythology?

Referred to as Renuka in mythology, the story goes that the Goddess was the wife of sage Jamadagni, and had three sons. One of her sons, Parashurama, beheaded his mother following his father’s instructions.

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