FAQ: How To Get Second Hand Upgrade In Devi Dagger?

How do I upgrade my dagger?

The dagger has three upgrades. Upgrades

  1. Upgrade 1 is obtained by collecting a total of 10 gems.
  2. Upgrade 2 is obtained by collection a total of 70 gems.
  3. Upgrade 3 is obtained by holding a total of 150 homing daggers.

How do I get better at Devil daggers?

Devil Daggers – Tips and Tricks

  1. Lead your enemies. The key is to keep moving, but another very important thing is to not move like the skulls are chasing you – move like you’re leading them.
  2. Look behind you.
  3. Don’t be too triggerhappy.
  4. Aim.
  5. Listen!

How do you get the devil dagger achievement?

Devil Daggers has one Steam achievement, simply called ” Devil Dagger “. To unlock it you must reach 500 or more seconds. Currently only 0.1% of all players have unlocked this achievement ( 364 players as of December 2020). Once unlocked you also unlock the Devil Dagger color for the dagger.

How do you get the secret dagger?

Secret Dagger Location: Where to Find Secret Dagger Found in: Prison of Hope, located in a cell on the second floor. You have to use Prison of Hope 4F Cell Key to open it. Dropped by: Imperial Spy, at Inner Ward.

What do gems do in Devil daggers?

They possess an odd quality: Every shotgun shot repels them from you until they fall off the edge. When you shoot normally (Mouse 1), they won’t move towards or away from you. It’s still possible to collect them, but much harder and if left uncollected they will despawn after 10 seconds.

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Is Devil dagger hard?

Devil Daggers is brutally, gleefully hard. As the ceaseless waves of enemies stack, the seconds stretch into weeks; each one a living nightmare in which you’re only just able to stay ahead of the pack.

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