FAQ: How Manchu Vidya Devi Died?

Who is Mohan Babus first wife?

Mohan Babu
Spouse (s) Manchu Vidya Devi (late) Manchu Nirmala Devi
Children Manchu Lakshmi Manchu Vishnu Manchu Manoj
Awards Padma Shri (2007)
Website Mohan Babu

Is Lakshmi Manchu married twice?

Lakshmi Manchu later fell in love with Andy Srinivasan, whom she married for the second time in 2006. They both have a girl now Vidya Nirvana, who was born through surrogacy in 2014.

How much is Mohan Babu worth?

About Mohan Babu’s Net Worth According to Idolcelebs.com, Mohan Babu’s net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 1.45 crore ($2million) in 2021. He has assets that involve his production companies such as Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures, 24 Frames Factory and Manchu Entertainment.

Is Manoj Manchu divorce?

Manoj Manchu, in a statement, revealed that he and his wife Pranathi Reddy are officially divorced. Telugu actor Manoj Manchu, who has been missing in action from films, announced separation from his wife Pranathi Reddy. On Thursday (October 17), Manoj confirmed that they’ve ended their marriage officially.

What is Mohan Babu’s daughter’s name?

Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna (born 8 October 1977) is an Indian actress, producer, and television presenter who works in Telugu cinema and American television. The daughter of veteran actor Mohan Babu, Lakshmi holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Oklahoma City University.

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Is pragathi Mahavadi divorced?

Pragati who is born and brought up in Hyderabad is now separated from her husband and is leading solo life with her son.

How many marriages Manchu Lakshmi?

Affairs/Boyfriends Andy Srinivasan
Husband/Spouse Andy Srinivasan London Srinivas (Ex-Husband)
Marriage Date Year-2006
Children Son- None Daughter- Nirvana Manchu


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