FAQ: Fallout Shelter How To Have On Multiple Devi Ecs?

Can I play my fallout shelter on multiple devices?

Can I share my Fallout Shelter Vaults between different platforms? Vaults cannot be shared between platforms (iOS, Android, Bethesda.net Launcher, or Steam). However, you can access the same Vault on platforms that support Xbox Play Anywhere (Xbox One and Universal Windows Platform on Windows 10).

How many dwellers can you have in your vault?

The vault can have a maximum of 200 dwellers living in it.

How do you get Vault dwellers to 100% happiness?

2 Answers

  1. Mating. This will automatically raise a dweller’s happiness to 100 %.
  2. Successfully rushing a room. Raises happiness by 10%
  3. Healing a dweller. This will raise a dweller’s happiness back to their original happiness.
  4. The Radio Room*. This automatically raises vault -wide happiness.
  5. Bottle and Cappy*.

Does Fallout Shelter transfer between devices?

Please note that it is not possible to transfer your Vaults between different platforms (Android, iOS, PC) in Fallout Shelter.

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Can you connect fallout shelter to PS4?

Fallout Shelter is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, joining the existing iOS, Android, PC, and Xbox versions of the game. The Switch and PlayStation 4 ports are largely the same as the existing versions.

Can you link fallout shelter?

Downloading Fallout Shelter on either Xbox One or Windows 10 will allow players to carry over their saves from one platform to the other. Players also can transfer over their saves to the PC version from the Android version of the game, although that’s not natively supported through Fallout Shelter on PC itself.

Is it worth upgrading training rooms in fallout shelter?

Regardless of caps costs, you shouldn’t upgrade training rooms. The reason is that higher level rooms get more severe incidents. The dwellers in your training rooms are usually low level, so if you don’t upgrade your training rooms your rookies will be able to handle incidents unattended.

Is there an end to fallout shelter?

There is no end. Don’t waste your time unless you literally have nothing else to do except play this game. Once you have a power/food/water + wasteland explorer + training rooms, you’re at end game.

Can you have twins in fallout shelter?

Yes, it is possible!!

How long are dwellers pregnant?

It can take some time for the woman to give birth – normally around eight hours or so from our experience – and a similar amount of time again for the child to grow into an employable adult Dweller.

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Can you breed legendary dwellers?

1 Answer. Yes, it is possible for normal dwellers to give birth to a legendary dweller, altough it is very difficult. If you breed 2 maximum level (level 50) dwellers who also have a maxed out SPECIAL (all stats are equal to or greater than 10).

Why are my vault dwellers unhappy?

A lack of food, water, or power will bring down their mood. Assign them to the correct job. Dwellers are happier in rooms which correspond to their highest SPECIAL stat. A successful rush raises happiness for everyone assigned to that room by 10%, but failing one does the exact opposite.

Where are my fallout shelter save files?

Open the game and load the save game. 1º – The first step to obtaining your save file is to go to storage/sdcard/ Android /data/com. bethsoft. falloutshelter / files on your Android device.

Can you transfer fallout shelter to PC?

So in theory if you can explore your phone’s files and track down the save, as long as you carry over everything that the save file relies on to load successfully, you can transfer your Fallout Shelter save between any device you want, to PC, from PC, from Android to iOS, whatever you want really.

How do you move rooms in fallout shelter?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to directly move rooms. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck, mind you– just that you’re going to have to do things the hard way. Go to the room you want to move, and delete it. Then build it again where you want to place it.

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